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Week 8 DONE + decorators on weed.

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I'm so damned happy because todays run (Week 8/3) went really well. I've been using MapMyRun to work out various 5K routes and chose one of my faves, where there are hardly any pedestrians to get in my way.

Legs felt good all the way and I marvelled at how they've become used to running over the 8 weeks. I remember when I started I had shin pains, calf pains, thigh pains, foot pains.....the lot! Now though, having kept steadily to Laura's instructions, my legs are in good shape and the 28 mins posed no problems. What DID though was my breathing! It's probably because it's quite humid that I struggled to fill my lungs with enough air to keep going, but I had to really concentrate to breathe ok.

At one point during my run I passed two young chaps in decorators overalls smoking on a bench. As I got closer, the smell of weed invaded my nostrils like an unwelcome invasion and they quickly stubbed out their spliffs as I got closer. I wouldn't want to see their decorating skills in action! The poor client - whoever they might be!

That said, I managed to cover 5K in 31'08sec. I couldn't believe it because I start week 9 on Sunday, and just hope that this wasn't a flash in the pan! I felt well chuffed with myself and even told my cat about my PB. She didn't wake up from her cushion and couldn't give a hoot.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I wish you all a happy, calm and beautiful weekend.


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Oh Dan, that is an amazing achievement and speed! Well done you ... cat should be ashamed about her nonchalance :D

You have whizzed through this programme and the grad finishing post is now in sight! Yeeehaaa not long to go now! I've just come back from the C25K+ Speed podcast! Yikes, I could hardly walk at Laura's recommended walking pace let alone accelerate into running with her 165 BPM music! Back to more intense interval training for me to build stamina ... Bet you'll have no probs at all with the next podcasts! Keep on keeping on, smiling and happy all the way, cheers, Linda :)

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Sophie the cat has been admonished, but alas......she was asleep and didn't hear it!

Well done, I love reading posts like this . It gives me inspiration!

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That's very pleasing to hear. Thank you.


Well done Dan, another good run and a smashing blog. Shame on you 'Tiddles' for not even purring at your daddy's achievements. Soon have your green graduate badge and well done on very fast time too. :)

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Graduation badge....now THERE'S a thing. I can hardly believe it!


Hi Dan, I've got week 9 on Sunday as well, good luck!


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Thanks RW. I'll race you! hahaha!!!

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Well with your time looks like you're way ahead of me!



Well done Dan. Still working on my 5k time so well impressed with yours. Going to.be a great graduation run. Looking forward to seeing you shiny green badge!

Viki :-)


Your doing such great times. So jealous lol

Love the title of your blog btw very random :-) bloomin cats eh ! Dogs seem to care more about that kind of thing, my spaniel is always interested when I tell him about my runs, tho I do mention certain words such as walk and dinner just to make sure he's listening haha great going tho in all seriousness your doing flippen brilliant Dan :-)

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Thanks bikergirl. I appreciate that.


well done! If you want enthusiasm at home, you need to get a dog ;-) Has your cat ever brought in a bird or mouse? If so, were you enthusiastic? No? Well, this is payback time ;-)


Decorators on weed though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Hahahaha!! I can just about remember writing this 6!years ago! Thanks for reading.

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