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Air quality

I heard this morning that the air quality in southern England was so bad today that Doctors were advising people not to run !!

While the quality in Glasgow was moderately bad, I decided to go out and run, figuring it wouldnt be too bad.

It was fine until I ran into the smoke from a grass fire (cant wait until the school Easter hols are over :) ) Four orfive minutes of mayhem !!

Still, I managed to plod on through and although my splits are about 60 seconds more than September time,, the journey continues.

Have a good weekend folks and enjoy the cooler temps and fresher air :)

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At lunchtime today, I walked six miles around the Olympic Park in Stratford, about 3 miles from the City. It was fine. There was a bit of a haze in the distance, but as usual I think they were exaggerating a little bit. perhaps if you are athsmatic it might have been inadvisable, but perfectly OK for me.


I'm in Kent and its been perfect all day. No haze, mist, fog or anything. Though I heard sand is coming over again from the Sahara.


I live in Kent too - about 50 miles south of London & the air was fines yesterday. Only spoiled by my neighbour lighting a BBQ! Jusr been out this morning & it was lovely. Maybe if you're right in the centre of a big town/city there might have been a problem but no worries here


I live in london and have found I get the most dibilitating sinus problem. I have had it on and off for a couple of years, not too bad but this year I realised It came with the high pollution. I woke up with terrible face pain and sickness due to the pain. So off I went to the docs. The doc has put me on a nasal spray and it seems to be doing the trick. it has shocked me how strong my reaction is. It hasent stopped me running yet and now hopefully with the new spray it won't, but it did make me realise if your symptoms are in your chest it would not be wise to run in it.


My nose has been streaming since my run. I wonder if its a coincidence or a result? I was fine before the run :(


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