Post week 9, 34 min, further, slower, more steady

I used the week 8 podcast today, starting my run from the start of the 5min warm up. That should have added up to 33 min but when I checked endomondo afterwards I'd run for 34min, for 4.14k. I felt like the pace was right, and i like the idea of keeping going towards week I'll try something different on Mon and wed again, then maybe repeat this 34min, or go a bit further, on Fri.


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  • Nice one Ruth.

  • How did you feel at the end of the run? If you felt ok, don't be limited by the podcast timing, just go a bit longer and see how you do.

  • I think I somehow want to be limited. I do get to the end and feel completely spent, the last 5mins or so always pretty difficult. But I think a lot of this is psychological too. Perhaps I should make myself overrun at the end next time, see how bad it actually feels... Maybe wont be that bad at all?

  • I think you'll surprise yourself, Ruth. Try easing the pace back a bit - there's a magic pace that's much easier to maintain. Try not to think about a specific time to run to - take it bit by bit, run to a distance.

  • You're making sense, but I do like the podcasts... Perhaps I should just go straight for 5k, however long it takes...

  • Wouldn't be the worst idea, Ruth. I've found I really like running with my ears free!

  • Well done, Ruth. Sounds like it was a good one :)

  • Thanks GLudwig. It feels good to just have the familiarity of the podcasts running in the background again.

  • Sounds good! Do you find sticking with Laura helps post grad or are you using your own music? I'm looking to build up slowly like you're doing. Good luck :)

  • Ive yet to sort out my own music but I will try to do this soon. I like the encouragement that Laura gives, like saying 'dont exhaust yourself' 'youre halfway through, doing really well'. Guess I'm quite needy still, yet to mature into a more self-reliant type of runner ๐Ÿ˜Š also enjoying feeling like I'm still aiming towards a goal, if a modest one. Hope you get on well with building up slowly too

  • I think I'm with you on that :) I'm sticking with Laura for a while to get further in the 30 minutes, still a way off 5k which is fine but I want to improve. Running 3 x week for 30 minutes is STILL a big deal for me and I want to enjoy it more now, you know, "think I'll just nip for a run" is a wonderful feeling, only 3 months ago I was firmly on the couch!

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