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W5 R2 and 3

Not been on for a few days as been busy. But I have completed both these tuns this week. R2 was on saturday and R3 was today. Both times I had my hubby by my side supporting me which was fantastic ☺ have to say I did have to push myself, especially today. It was so much hotter than when I've been running in the past 19 today in Leicester. I'm sure it made a difference. But in proud and can't believe I'm be starting week 6 on Wednesday. From looking on here if can be a bit tough. And went have my husband with me as he's back to with after easter 😂

Hope everyone else having fun 👍

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Well done!! W5 R3 is a big challenge and you've done it!!

Yes the sun is a whole new challenge! I started running at the beginning of January, so up until now I've always ran in the dark! So I've had to change the running gear I wear and make extra sure I'm hydrated enough.

W6 can be a difficult one, after the hype of running 20 minutes going back to interval running can trip people up, but as long as you don't go into it thinking this will be easy (like I did!) you will be fine, you've done sooo well to get this far you will do just fine :)

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