Hi all I'm a 49 soon to be 50 year old unfit and overweight mum and nurse.

I've decided that I need to make major changes to my lifestyle with one of them being the couch to 5k plan. Wk 1 run 1 completed tonight, well I use the term completed loosely as did not manage the whole run without feeling I was having a coronary. But pleased I started and determined I will be a runner.


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  • Good! 💪🏃‍♀️👍✔️

    You only need go very slowly. No, hurry at all

    If you get plenty of exercise and eat/drink healthily then the weight will shift 🙂

  • Hi and welcome. Well done you!

    Many of us felt a little like you:)

    Just carry on... take it slowly and steadily, and make sure you take your rest days... listen to your body too... and do not push :)

    Keep posting for great support:)

  • Well you've done the hardest bit actually making that start, each and every run is something of a challenge but each run you do makes you that bit stronger and prepares you for the next run

    Keep going and keep letting us know how you're doing

  • Well done. Take it slow. Someone mentioned to me that if I could run slower than my brisk walk then I was doing it right. Tried it and the little 'speed' I have came naturally.

  • Brilliant, well done for starting this amazing programme.

  • Badge looks great, young man :) x

  • Hi Kazzy, your profile could be mine apart from a few years age difference.

    Well done on your first run 👍🏻 you'll be surprised at how you quickly your confidence grows. I'm only a few wks ahead of you & doing W3R1 tomorrow morning.

    Welcome to the newbies gang 😉

  • Welcome aboard the C25K roller coaster! That's the hard bit out of the way, you're off the couch 👍 and a great attitude! We're a big happy running family and cheering you along the way ☺

  • Welcome!!! You sound just like me! I joined 4 weeks ago and I'm loving it so far, especially the support on here. Just stick to the plan as much as you can, and take it nice and steady...we don't want you having that coronary!! 😂

  • Thank you all for your kinds words and positive attitude, strangely enough I'm looking forward to my next run on Weds x

  • Hello Kazzybe, brilliant that you've decided to take this step. Like tracey73, your story could be mine. I'm doing w3r3 tomorrow and am amazed how much better I feel just after a few short weeks.

    Well done for finishing your first run.

    Keep posting!

  • There is definitely something about having a 9 at the end of your age. I've got one too & I think that's probably why I started this journey :) Good luck

  • Well run 2 completed, well nearly. I'm struggling......alot. Will probably do week 1 again next week and not completing yet. I struggle to believe that in 9 weeks I will run for 30 mins, but no pain no gain ..

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