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Back on Track

Back on Track

Back running again after a 14 day break due to too much singing followed by a cold. Started off on my first 28 minute run on a new route thinking I would be doing fine if I managed 20 minutes. Within 5 minutes it started raining and I have to say I was tempted to loop round the block and run straight back home. Then I remembered all the posts I'd read from those of you who run before / after work in whatever the weather, pulled my hood up and got on with it.

Before I knew it Laura was telling me I'd got 5 minutes left! I was so pleased to have managed to run for 28 minutes without collapsing with exhaustion that I ran on to the end of the road I was in, and discovered I'd run over 4k for the first time!

Feeling very buoyed up by this, two days later I persuaded my daughter to drop me in Richmond Park, and I ran most of the way home through the park and along the river. I'd been looking forward to this for some time, but it was much tougher and therefore slower than I expected - I hadn't bargained for the stress of dodging muddy puddles, tree roots and brambles!

Back to the road for the final run of Week 8, I think. But I'm plotting a different route through Richmond Park for week 9. Any suggestions welcome, as long as they don't involve going up steep hills!

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Great stuff.


Sounds like it's going really well - never heard of too much singing as a reason for being on the IC, but hope you are all better now!

Only four more runs to graduation. Good luck!


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