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Newbie with injury!

Hi everyone! I'm on week 4 run 2 and have been amazed at how well I've been doing - very overweight and always hated running. So yesterday I got to the last minute of the final 5 min run and felt what seemed like a stitch in my pelvic/hip area. It came on suddenly and I then got so painful I had to stop :(. I have used hot water bottle but it still really hurts and I'm so fed up because I don't want it to stop me now I'm finally getting fit!!! Any ideas/advice? A confession: I only did 3 mins warm up as the app on my phone was playing up.....

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I'd say don't run until it's stopped hurting (I would still try to walk and keep things moving a bit), then try a gentle jog and see what happens. Sounds like maybe a torn or strained muscle?

I hurt my hip during c25k (not out for a run, I might add, but thinking I could nip up the down escalator. Idiot girl!) and it settled down with rest. This is likely to be a temporary set back not a full stop on things, so chin up!


I'd try resting too and downing some Ibuprofen. If it's still causing problems in a few days, maybe check it out with the GP.


It could be stitch! Sudden onset, which is what happens. Hopefully after your rest day you will be good to go. Keep up with the healthy eating. You're doing just fine!


Thanks for your advice, it is starting to get a bit better and I actually did a gentle dog walk yesterday. Think I will try run 3 tomorrow see how it goes......


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