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Not out of breath! (mostly)

I am absolutely amazed - I managed W6R2 this morning and I was hardly out of breath at all. My legs were hurting and I have a minor knee niggle which is why I didn't go faster, but I really feel like my cardio fitness has jumped during weeks 5 and 6! I also noticed my distance has increased in the last few runs and I'm having to go round the block a few times at the end. Hurray! I love C25K! This morning's other treat was seeing 6 swans flying in to land on the canoe lake - they really looked amazing.

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great post. so much nicer being outside than in a gym, isn't it? I would love to have seen those swans. Congratulations on your perseverance!


Thank you Madeleine! Yes, I used to hate the gym and never went even though I was paying through the nose so this is definitely the way forward for me!


So much nicer outside and better for you, too!


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