I have just completed w1r2 and due to do w1r3 tomorrow. So far it has been OK but I struggle to breath in sufficient amounts of oxygen through my nose. Anyone got breathing tips/advice or equipment like nose plasters that they found helped.

I was going to do the c25k with a friend but she dropped out so doing it alone and I want to get to the end. Determined


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  • I just breathe through my mouth, it's a bigger hole. Some say in through the nose and out through the mouth or vice versa, but it just doesn't work for me, so mouth breather I am. I probably look like a drowning guppy while running though :)

  • Don’t make life complicated... forget the nose... breathe through your mouth..!!

    Well done for going it alone... hang on in there, you can do it. I had to do the same at week 4.

    Just one question... you completed W1R2 yesterday, yes..?? If it was today then you should be taking tomorrow as a rest day ☺️ Just wanted to stress the importance of rest days.

  • yep another mouth breather here, in the early stages of c25k I was just happy to suck it in however I could

  • One of the most difficult things to do get your breathing right! My lungs are not great so I gasp and gape and try to get in as much as possible for 3 and breathe out for 2. Can't get enough breath in through my nose so don't even try now...xx

  • Hi, Determined runner😊Well done for carrying on with the plan without your friend. We are all here to support and encourage you so feel free to post often. Just breath through your mouth, I think most of us find thats the only way to get enough oxygen.

    Run nice and slowy, just a gentle jog. Do take at least one days rest between running days.

    Keep going😊x


  • Yes, as suggested try breathing through your mouth but I think you may also slow down: it will help you breathe better if you find it hard. Because you are just starting, it's quite usual to go faster than we should, especially because we think it's just 1 minute of running. Gradually you will develop your breathing capacity throughout your runs. I used to breathe in and out with the mouth but now I breathe in slowly through the nose and out with the mouth on two times because I feel far more comfortable. Try different ways and find what suits you most but don't think too much about it! Keep it slow and steady ;-)

  • Slow down.. and just breathe like you do, all the time :) Save your money!

  • It is very simple.........if you can't breathe, slow down, but don't worry about trying to breathe through your nose. Just do what you do naturally and you can refine your breathing later on.

    This is an interesting article

    Relax and enjoy it.

  • Thanks for that an interesting read

  • Same here, especially now days my nose blocks up pretty quickly out in the cold. I switch to mouth breathing when I can't get enough through my nose.

    Sometimes I breath both through nose and mouth .. so at least I'm not ignoring nose breathing entirely!

    These days (week 4) I breathe however I feel comfortable but then focus on nose breathing every 3 minutes for 1 minute and then back to 'freestyle'.

    For the first many weeks the key is to not to be to strict with your body, let it get used to this new regime and then slowly start focusing on breathing, stance & pace etc. as you become stronger.

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