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Rest Days

Hello folks. Hope you're doing ok. Chilly isn't it?!

Did Week 1 Run 3 on Friday. Was fretting about Week 2 Run 1 so much on Saturday that I did it without waiting a day, just to get it over with.

Completed Week 2 Run 2 on Monday and am due to complete Week 2 Run 3 tonight. I'm fasting for a blood test and feeling a bit low so was going to defer until Friday. Are breaks of 3 days ok? Bit disappointed with myself.

Over and out.


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No harm in having 3 rest days. Probably wise in the circumstances.


Don't be disappointed you are doing well...and 3 rest days is fine :)


Rest days are important and should be observed, but don't panic about having a few extra ones. Good luck and welcome. I just love EthelWombat as a monicker!!


As everyone else has said - 3 days rest is perfectly ok, particularly if you are feeling under the weather. Take the extra days off and finish week 2 on Friday. You'll be raring to go after that. We all have our good days and bad days. Don't be disappointed in yourself.


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