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W8R1 - what a buzz!

I just completed W8R1. I was reasonably confident I'd be ok, but this was the first time I've run in the afternoon (but before lunch) and it was after a fairly physically active morning, so in the back of my mind I was prepared not to be too disappointed if I wasn't up to it.

I picked a new route and ignored the rain. The outside of my thighs are still a little tender, and I could feel them as I began running, but once I got into my pace, it faded. The run was nice, though at around 20 minutes, I had to dig in and keep myself going. As the run got close to the end, I found myself on a nice long straight path, and I thought "let's go for it". Not exactly a sprint finish, but I noticably upped my pace for the last two minutes, and got to the full 28 minutes. Yay!! Also, my longest run, greates distance, and best average pace. I'm chuffed, and felt a real buzz at completing it. Five more runs to go! Who'd have thunk it? 58 year old bloke who, although fairly healthy and fit, had never really run in his life!

My run -

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Well done, week 8 is a great one, digging deep as you say! I've just finished w8 and am raring to go to the graduation line....can't wait but will have to get over this cold first :( week 8 really made me feel like a runner! Keep going :)


Well, go for it! I'm right behind you (though probably fading in your wake).


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