Does it get any easier? Can't go up a level

Hi all,

Just wondering if it ever gets easier? I'm finding myself stuck on the last run of level 4 because on matter how much time I give myself in between - it's torture to finish. I can finish - but there's no way I can do level 5.

I'm wondering whether I have medical asthma as my breathing hurts and isn't easing at all and I'm not doing anything to hinder it in between runs.

It just doesn't feel like I'm getting fitter or enjoying it at all. It's really really hard work.



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8 Replies

  • You are on Week 4 ?

    Are you running too fast ? Try slowing down from the start. I've no doubt that if you have followed the program as far as Week 4, then you are already fitter than you were on Week 1. I imagine that if you tried to do Week 1 today then you would find it a doddle.

    If you are getting ot of breath, then slow your running down until you are comfortable

  • Slow down !!! If you are so out of breath at the end, you are going too fast. The aim of the programme is to build up how long you can run for at one go. Speed comes later.

    Try doing a couple more runs at week 4, but at a much slower pace until you can complete without it being agony. You've already improved. You wouldn't have been able to do week 4 when you first started out.

    Just don't give up now. You've started off so well. And to answer your original question - Yes, it does get easier, but it might take some time.

  • Good advice from those two. Slow down. It's time that matters at this stage, not distance or speed.

  • "Easy" is a relative thing - yes, from one perspective it gets easier as we get fitter. I was a bit like you during C25K but now, running for the lengths of time that you are currently finding to be "not easy" is very easy for me. BUT - from another perspective , running IS hard work and never gets easy - because the fitter you get the more you challenge yourself and that is "hard". I am training for a 10K "Race" in 2 weeks time - last year I ran a 14K race at a certain slow pace and I am training to do this 10K at a faster pace than that - it is not easy!! :)

  • I thought about giving up in week 5, but kept on (with encouragement from this forum) and I am now on week 9. I feel fitter, I look better and my mood is better as a result of the running. The more you feel you can't do it, and then do it, the easier I think it gets. A lot of the challenge is mental. Don't panic, slow down and just focus on the next bit of the run. If you get thoughts while running saying you can't do it, tell the mental gremlins to...go away..., find something in the near distance to aim for and keep going (slowly). Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Your challenge is almost certainly mental. IF you have completed w4 your body is ready to progress. As others have said, slow down, and try not to think about the timings whilst you are doingbit. Distract yourself whist running, think of it of connected smaller runs, anything to stop you worrying about it.

  • I can only add my support to the previous posts that you need to slow RIGHT DOWN - remember that Laura says it is supposed to be "a light jog". On the plus side, I have to say that I TOTALLY ADMIRE YOU!! To be continuing to go out there and do this despite it being so painful for you is AMAZING! I had a bad run for W6R3 (25 minutes running, no walk breaks) and that was AWFUL. I was going too fast and when I slowed it down to a LIGHT JOG, I could do it comfortably. But I approached the next run with a great deal of trepidation because I didn't know if I'd be able to carry on if I had another run like that one - I couldn't have faced going out every time to a run like that. You are an inspiration!!!! :oD

  • All of the above advice is good, pay heed to it and slow down if you need to. But...

    Don't be afraid of moving to the next week.

    If you've done week 4, even if you found the last run torture, if you finished it then move on.

    You may well find you surprise yourself. You'll also have the mental boost of being able to say "I'm starting week 5" instead of "I'm stuck on week 4".

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