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I can't believe I am on wk 8!!!

Hi guys

I am on week 8!! I can't believe I am running 28 minutes this week ... 1 run down and another one today.

When I started I couldn't run for 1 minute without hurting absolutely everywhere. I thought I'd never do it but here I am on week 8 doing 28 minute runs. I am managing 4k including the 2 x 5 minute runs ... still not near 5k but amazed I am managing 28 whole minutes of running.

My mum passed away far too young nearly 6 months ago from COPD a thoroughly nasty disease and I am running my first 5k at Easter to raise money for her fund for the BLF. Check out julie.kay.muchloved/Events/16772176/ to see how it goes!

I still can't quite see how to get an extra 1k in in 2 minutes by the end of next week ;-) So I might need to repeat wk 9 a bit faster maybe?

I did repeat a week around wk 4 or 5 when the jump seemed too far for me and that worked a treat to get me here without any injuries (touch wood) even with my double jointed, hyperextended and unfit body!

I feel very grateful to the couch to 5k programme and all the folks on here whos comments and suggestions I have been reading, for getting me this far. Just need to make it over the last few hurdles now.

Fingers crossed and good luck to us all!


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I meant 2 x 5 minute walks!


Better believe it Mazz, you're almost there. Graduation is beckoning and then the adventure really starts :) Don't worry about the 5k in 30minutes thing, very very few people manage that for their graduation. Your speed will increase as you run more and you get stronger and fitter. Don't try push too hard too soon - that's a sure route to the injury couch. Good luck


Thanks :-)


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