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Almost completed week two then injured knee - been off for about two weeks, should I start from the beginning?

Hi all,

Think the title explains it all really - I was running well and feeling great, then managed to injure my knee, which meant I couldn't run for a couple of weeks while it healed. I think it was to do with my shoes and not warming up/down properly.

I'm going to get some new shoes fitted today, hopefully that will help!

I'm really keen to get back out there, but do you think I should start again from Day 1 Wk1, or should I continue from where I left off (Day 2 Wk3)?



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I'd restart at Day 1 Week 3 and see how it goes. I think it's important to get the three runs in one week before going on the next stage. If you don't manage the first one after your enforced break, go back one week. Good luck!


The same thing happened to me end of week 2 I picked up a knee injury and had to stop running for a week. I was gutted that I had to stop for a week and completely rest it but once I had some time off I went straight into Week 3. It worked for me because psychologically I wasn't back tracking even though I had stopped (if that makes sense) Same thing happened Week 5 run 2 I had to stop due to the illness and had a week off but I went straight into run 3 of week 5 and was amazed at my fitness levels. I think its always best to keep moving forward, but everyone is different, and if you feel like it would benefit starting again that's your choice. Good Luck, keep going, the more you run the stronger your knees will get.


I agree with johnjc8 - do a w1 run and see how you get on. If good, do two w2 runs and then proceed to w3. If not, do the whole of w1 followed by the whole of w2.

As well as your shoes, please take time to stretch. If I have one complaint about the programme it is that it doesn't emphasise stretching enough. You need to stretch out all your different leg muscles plus back and shoulders. I do a warm up walk, then stretch, then run, then stretch, then cool down and stretch again. Obviously if you are using the podcasts or app you need to pause it whilst stretching. Make sure you have excercise (but not running) on the rest days - some walking, some swimming if you can. Using weights to build core strength is also helpful.


Thanks guys,

Unfortunately I went out today but my knees are still causing me a lot of trouble. Couldn't run more than 30 seconds without it being too painful. I've got an appointment with the phyisio tomorrow but I guess I'll just keep resting it up!



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