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The 2 incompleted week 7 run1's have been reaaally playing on my mind, sooo...

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I downloaded a map distance meter app and retraced the route i covered in the 22 minutes that i was able to manage... 4.26km! Does this sound about right for this stage or does it look like i may have tried to run too fast? Perhaps Im clutching at straws, trying to excuse not being able to complete a full week 7 run haha.

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Depends on your age, weight, general fitness, the weather, the route.........etc....etc....

Stop worrying about distance and/or speed! Run at a pace that feels comfortable for YOU. There is no 'right', only what is right for YOU. If you run for the specified time - that's it, you've done it. Once you can run *comfortably* - and that is the key factor - for 30 mins non-stop, then is the time to seek plans to help you increase your speed and endurance.

You don't need to justify what you've achieved so far, you're doing really well. Not everyone completes each week's runs in a week. Some take a while longer but so what?!

You really are at risk of injury, serious or otherwise, if you push too hard too soon, as many on here will testify. Just slow down and run for as long as you can and you will get there.

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running 4.26km in 22 minutes is equivalent to about 5.6k in 30 or 5k well under 27 minutes. If you ran in parkrun with me you'd leave me for dust. I had problems in w3 when someone on here said to slow down. I did and that's when it all got much easier and far more fun. I slowed down a bit more in a later week and was able to graduate. Try 1 really slow run and see if it makes a difference. I reckon if you ran at my pace you'd finish 25 minutes and still be able to do a sprint finish. You are so close. Give it a couple of days rest then try again at a really slow pace.

Just completed week 7 and in comparison you are FAST! Slow down might help you I think :) no expert, but worth go? Good luck

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It sounds very fast to me unless you are very tall and already quite fit! Don't beat yourself up about unfinished runs, they all help you make progress and learn lessons. It might be worth going a little slower next time. As rmnsuk says, you are doing a pace many Parkrun entrants would struggle with.

Depending on your prior fitness, that does seem a really fast pace. Slow it right down, breath steady and you will be able to complete the "run". Following advice on here, I took it really, really slow and steady until I had the 'time ran' under my belt and graduated. Then is the time (if you want) to start pushing yourself to test out your pace.

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On Friday I completed W6R3 and it was a STRUGGLE!!! I had to fight the whole way around and when I stopped running to start my cooldown walk my knees literally buckled and my legs were like jelly. I was worried as all of my previous runs have been comfortable but this was the worst one to date. I tracked my route and I'd covered 4.14k in the 25 minutes. Although this is ok for a graduation run pace, it is too quick for someone who's only been running 6 weeks.

This morning (with a lot of trepidation after my last run) I did W7R1 and kept saying to myself Laura's advice - "Light jog, light jog" and made a concerted effort to keep to a light jog. I can happily report that I did it comfortably - which is a God-send as I was worried that another run like Friday would put me off.

Remember (as Laura's been saying all along) "it's a light jog". All of the training so far has prepared you for this and you can do it - at the right pace. Trust me - you can do this - LIGHT JOG. :oD

By the way - just tracked my route and I covered 3.88k but at a comfortable, sustainable pace. :o)

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Yes it sounds fast, I can just about cover 3K in that time, and I've speeded up considerably since I graduated. That said, what ever feels right for you...

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