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Week 2 run 3 finished (sort of!)

Finished week 2 run 3 today. The route I was running was too short and I was having to go round twice so I changed it today. But I got stuck at traffic lights in the middle of a 90 second run and I couldn't get my phone out of my pocket to pause the timer as it had lodged in sideways. By the time I had crossed the road I should have been doing a brisk walk so I ended up running in the walking bits but trying to keep it to 90 seconds! and to top it all, when I was doing the final brisk walk a mad dog started to jump up at me!! So my question is did I complete week 2 or not?!

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Yes you did. As soon as you start to worry about having to stop at traffic lights you have the psychology of a runner - you also showed great courage in the face of adversity, stuck phones, mad dogs and even ran in the walking bits. IMHO you are fit to proceed - Run on... :)

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Yes you did it. In my Week 2 I tried a different route and came to the end with what I thought was 2 runs to do, so I turned around during the walking, only to hear Laura say I was about to start my last run (it turns out I can run but I can't count - not great as I am an Accounts Manager :)). I was then about 15 minutes from home so my Cool Down walk was a little longer than it should have been. It took me a few weeks to work out the best route for me. :)


Thank you both, I feel more confident now! I made the same mistake as you PrincessStef because I thought Laura said you have one more run to do .....then there was another to do and I too had changed by route already to make it fit and had a long walk home!


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