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Hounded on our run

I dragged the Mrs out for a trot across Dartmoor yesterday ~ OK, she was dresses and waiting for me when I got back from dropping our son [and less hair] at his rowing club ~ and all was well. The 3 of us in the car, wife, dog and me and we grabbed the last parking space.

It was a cracking run with the moor looking resplendent in her late winter guise, and distant views of the sea. The recent rains had made the track look more like we were running in a small stream, but Izzie loved it. Typical dog finding every peat-laden puddle and rivulet to splash through.

WE reached the agreed turning point with miles and miles of moor calling to us to run further' but alas we had to go back.

On the return run, with equally magnificent views unfolding before us, Izzie spied a group of 5 Springer Spaniels coming along with two older, err, Gentlemen. I use th word loosely as they didn't turn a hair when their effing dogs attacked Izzie, biting her on the shoulders, face and neck. 'Dogs will be dogs,' is all they said and I wrestled Izzie away from the hound.

It just so happens that we knew which was their car as they parked just before us. The Police have been informed, and they will be investigating the matter.

Izzie is generally OK, I am incredibly relieved to say ~ but what if it were a child or lamb next time?

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Fortunately folks like them are the exception. An unpleasant end to an otherwise happy outing. I hope your dog is now ok. She may remember that though and might be reluctant to go there again.


Izzie is fine thanks. Currently curled-up and asleep on our bed ~ somewhere she isn't normally allowed, but as Annemarie is at school....

Thankfully they are the exception, but I'm sure she will be very happy to go back. She loves it there and the routes are endless, with Western Beacon and on past the saddle of Black Pool and up onto Butterdon Hill being a particular favourite.

The biggest blot on the horizon is the coming of the sheep and deed ticks as it gets warmer. Out with the DEET.


That's terrible, I hope she wasn't badly hurt...I hope a visit from the Police might shake them up a bit...


I do hope so. He/they need the proverbial rocket putting up!!

Izz is fine, thanks. She even had a bath when she came home yesterday. She loves the bath!!


My jack russell seemed to collect ticks. He got one on his chest which left a scar. ruddy things!

thankfully he was short haired which makes them easier to spot


That's terrible I hate hearing of bad pet owners. I always blame the owners not the animals they are a product of how they are brought up. Next job will be trying to convince Izzy that the bed is not hers now, they learn very quickly. glad she is doing well.


I too blame the owners. I have only ever come across one really nasty dog, and that was an abandoned gypsy dog. Poor thing.

Izzie is fine, thanks, and is now lying at my feet in my office.


Short haired dogs make sense, so why is Izzie black and shaggy?

As a Scout leader we have to do tick-checks after hikes/camps. Not sure what we can legally do if we find one, apart from tell the parents. I have pulled some out, but that was from our son.

I shall soon be shaving my legs, so it won't be a problem for me...not some strange quirk, I'm a cyclist!


How awful! and those men should be ashamed of themselves not taking responsibility of their dogs. I have three little dogs and I dread to think what I would have done on my own in that situation. Hope the police follow up. Dartmoor is beautiful and sure Izzie will be fine going back. Let her enjoy some special time on the bed and many more scenic runs to come.


Izz is now curled up at my feet!! She will be off walking as I run later today.

The Police will be 'phoning today, and I have a 'crime number'.


Glad you have taken it further. It's possible they thought their dogs were just play fighting rather than actually biting and breaking skin, but that's not the point, if your dog didn't like whatever the attention was, it's not OK and their job to sort it. Not as if it is hard to predict that one dog will feel intimidated by 5. Dogs will poo too and it isn't OK to do nothing about that.

I was washed out at the weekend so decided that the good choice was no run but we went up on the moors for the last off lead day for the sake of the dog. We had a short walk and she had a fabulous gallumph through the heather (a reminder that the law about dogs, leads and access land during ground nesting bird season is absolutely fair) and met two big handsome male English Springers whereupon she turned into a girly Welsh Springer flirt and had a fabulous chase around.

I hope that the incident doesn't 'turn' Izzie (it isn't always bad owners but bad experiences - we had a dog when I was a child who was subject to an unprovoked dog attack and she had problems with other dogs for quite some time afterwards)


Thanks for the reply. Izzie is fine, I'm pleased to say. She hasn't met any other dogs since, but she seems fine and in her usual spirits at home.

A very good point about nesting birds and dogs; but we need to take heed of this when running too. it is easy to use CROW and go running hither-and-thither without thinking of the possible consequences.

Good to hear your pooch had a great time. 99.9% of the times it does work out this way; a sniff, a wag, and some running around. Earlier on out walk, Izzie met a Weimaraner, which was incredibly friendly and they had a great time. It shoved one of it's paws on Izzie and she squeaked, but it was just play; noting more. They carried on a for a few more minutes before we both carried on our separate ways, with Izz bouncing with excitement.


I've always said, "there are no bad dogs, only bad owners" and they let the vast majority of responsible owners down badly I'm afraid. Hope your pooch is well on the mend.


She's fine, thanks. A VERY thick coat around her throat helps.

Agreed about dog and people.


Oh dear, what a horrible end to a lovely run. It's always the owner's fault and it drives me mad when people don't take responsibility for their animals. Really hope the police put the frighteners on the owner so they take better care in future. Big hug for Izzy after her experience.


I think if I had the 'rozzers' turning up on my doorstep it would have the desired effect. I shall give Izz a big hug...except she hates cuddles and hugs!

PS. Love the car in your pic. I have one of those, AWK 815 Y, a 1500 HL in brown....but that was a long time ago.


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