Stating intention to cycle into town today

Please can you hold me to this: it's a lovely sunny day, and I haven't cycled into town yet this year. I'm used to cycling into town to save money and stay fit but as usual the cold winter has put a hold on this. But I've definitely improved my fitness with the c25k and am feeling very determined at the moment. So I'm planning to cycle in this afternoon. Finishing my work by about 3pm (I work from home), then meeting a friend for coffee about 4 then heading to college for 6, then cycling back home afterwards. Probably a 15 mile round trip (no problem for me in the past). Planning to take lots of snacks and water and clothing options for wearing more/less depending on how hot I get! Hopefully if today goes well then I'll be back to my usual commuting lifestyle (maybe starting with just 1 day/week and increasing gradually).


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17 Replies

  • Yep. Let us know how you get on Ruth

  • Best way to keep yourself to an intention, post here! We'll come looking for you if you don't do it! Just kidding, I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on, I wish I could ride a bike!

  • Yay, thanks. I've always been able to ride a bike, not claiming to be particularly fast though... Yes come get me if I don't do it. I need chasing!

  • I'd have to run after you... I have no balance, think it's to do with my hearing problem I just fall off lol!

  • Ah that can happen, I have a friend who even tried adult stabilisers but they didn't help. Yeah stick to running then :)

  • Go on, Ruth, you know you want to! Apart from anything else, it's fun! Happy cycling :)

  • Enjoy that bike ride. If the weather in London is anything like the weather round here, you'll have a gorgeous trip.

  • Well ta for answering that then. I can't ride a bike for toffee. So it must be my stupid, manky ear! Well I never.

    I hope by now you are out on that bike, your little legs going like the clappers. If not, there'll be an enquiry and you'll be required to give evidence, and provide a note, to explain why you didn't complete the stated task. Taps foot ....

  • Just submitted my proofreading task, updated my invoice, and getting ready to head out in the next half an hour or so :)

  • Did it 😊 14 miles

  • That's good to hear. I suspect you had lovely weather for the time of year.

  • Yes didn't need a coat or even a jumper on my way out. But on my way home at 8pm it was freeeezing! Definitely getting back on the bike again soon though, rather than topping up that neverending pit of an oyster card all the time

  • That's the spirit ;)

    I only get to London occasionally and prefer to hire a Boris Bike if I can. The only problem with that is that you really have to know the road system down there well enough and I'm afraid that I usually don't.

    I'm convinced that my Oyster card leaks. Evey time I go down I put money on it, thinking "I've put enough on this time so I won't need to bother next". You can bet that next time, as soon as I try and get on the tube at Kings Cross I'll get a warning to tell me to top my card up.

  • I have a friend who lives in Nottingham - he just brings his bike with on the train when he comes. You do need to find good routes. Some major roads like Euston Road, Oxford Street etc. are best avoided by taking parallel quieter roads. But I like the challenge and the freedom :) Last month cost me £100 in oyster topups. Whereas cycling is free (except for all the frusli bars, bananas and GT85 that it runs on, but that's minimal :) )

  • I know what you mean about the extra bananas etc. I used to have a badge on the back of one bike which read "This vehicle powered by Jelly Babies" until someone pinched it (the badge, not the bike - the badge was obviously worth more).

  • I have a friend who does triathlons/ironmans and she attaches a pouch on her handlebars containing fig rolls. She says they're the perfect size to put whole in your mouth and get a quick energy boost. Each to their own...

  • That's a shame, I'll have to put my big stick back in the cupboard! Just kidding, well done you, I'm very envious xxx

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