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Week 8

Week 8 smashed this morning.

Despite suffering Man Flu for the last few days (Incidentally Google told me it was the same strain as “Female Pneumonia” :) well that what I told the wife!!!) I dragged myself up and hit the streets. After 5 mins the snotty nose was gone, and I felt great. I really felt good so I run the warm down too, then had to walk around for 5 mins more. Got back in the house and the nose bunged up almost immediately.

2 days rest and week 9 starts on Monday, bring it on.........

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Congrats MillWalki, nearly there now. Hope your man flu goes soon so that you can fly through your graduation run.


Cure for the common cold - tick! Shame you just can't keep running like Forrest Gump then ...


I did for 5 mins more, then added another 5 mins warm down :)

Life is like a box of chocolates.... Full of nuts :)


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