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Newish to this


Took up running last year started by walking the recommended 10,000 steps for the first 6 weeks. When I say running really I mean slow jogging. I got up to 5 times a week and doing around 3-4 miles each session. I am 56 years old and 8 stone overweight and gave up smoking 3 years ago. Unfortunately winter came and I have flagged and need motivation to get back and have gained a stone and a half since I stopped in October. Feeling really really wretched but have got the buzz back and have started again slowly by using my indoor cycle and do 30 minutes a day. my goal target by June 6th for my nieces wedding is to lose 2 stone and get back to my 3 miles a day. Just need to keep motivated and wanted to come on here for support. Will keep you all posted. Xxxxx

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I started running at the age of 65 and will be 67 next month. I am a slow runner (17 minute mile) and overweight. I try to run every other day. On the days in between, I use the upright bike or the elliptical. Some days, I just take addy to rest my muscles. If you have access to a treadmill, use it. Although I prefer running outside, the sub-freezing weather in the USA forced me to use a treadmill. Currently, I'm logging 17-20 miles a week on the TM.

Good luck with your running and weight loss. :)


Hi wow well done. I actually love it when I am out doing it but its that horrible Inner voice that says nay! Stay in and have a cake!


Hi D-ebs1. Totally sympathise. I am the same age and 5 stone overweight. In 2013 I was run/walking and doing bootcamp, lost a couple of stone and even did an off road 10k (very slowly!!). Then in Dec 2013 my world fell apart when my husband was found to have bowel cancer. Emergency surgery, two weeks in hospital followed by 6 months chemo wiped out 2014 for us both. He has the all clear now and is getting his fitness back (he can run 8 miles!) so time for me to get back on track as well. I have a lung condition which gets in the way, exercising outside in the cold can be a problem (as can gyms, stuffy or air conditioned!!) and I get a lot of chest infections - currently on my third since October - which means my exercise goes in fits and starts but when I am well my exercise is limited by my weight rather than my lungs. I am doing a different training plan rather then C25K which I didn't really get on with but find this forum very encouraging and supportive. I have a wedding to go to in June as well and want to be much lighter then, though not setting a target. Perhaps we could keep in touch and spur each other on?

Good Luck.



Hi Liz

Sorry to hear about all your health challenges don't know where you get the motivation to keep going so its great that you have. Yes I too would like to be a couple of stone lighter by June. The thing I find most difficult and it's silly really but when is am out jogging I get sudden pangs of deep embarrassment and dare I say it slight paranoia I thin people are looking Me and making snide remarks. I know this is probably in my head as most people are so involved i their own stuff they probably don't even see me. Feeling the pain today from the last 3 days cycling but I know that will go. Yes let's keep in touch whether positive or not so great days

Best wishes



I get that paranoia as well but keep telling myself that if anyone is being snide about me trying to get thinner and fitter it is their problem not mine! Doesn't always work. And there are some encouraging comments as well. Cycling sounds good, do you stretch afterwards? I do even if I have just done a brisk walk and it makes loads of difference.

Not planning anything for tomorrow unless I feel a bit better but hope to be out and about by the end of the week. Have a week in the Brecon Beacons next week so will be hill walking rather than trying to run. Hope the weather is reasonably kind.


Hi D-ebs1 and LizB. I'm also fighting gremlins about how I look out running. My track suit trousers fit badly, and I've stopped wearing trousers/jeans since I put on this weight, so I'm not comfortable in this sort of outfit at all. I keep trying to remind myself that people are usually generous-spirited and admire the determination of runners, especially those trying to make a life change i.e. get fitter/lose weight, so they see past the sweaty outfit and beetroot face colour. That's certainly what I think when I see runners out and about.

I'll look out for you both on here, as it's good to know other people are aiming for a goal at the same time as me. I'm 35 and 12st2 (5'4"), aiming to get to 10st7 by the summer (only lost 2lb so far...)


Hi Ruth It is so hard to find something that looks OK to run in! At the moment I have a mens waterproof jacket that covers all my lumpy bits so am OK with that but once the spring comes and it is too hot to wear it I am not sure what i will do. We had a photographer at the bootcamp class I do a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't pretty :-)

Definitely look out for each other and as Debs says we need to share our lows as well as our highs!

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