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Should be wk 8 next week

I've been away for a couple of days, so I have have been starting w8 tomorrow, but I done w7r1 today and ouch it hurt I just couldn't do the full 25 mins running my legs wouldn't let me carry on at all, I think I run in total for 25 but had to stop to stretch my legs a couple of times even though I stretched for a while, but it was very wet and cold today it started snowing aswell.

Cause I ate like a king whilst I was away, I did to a lot of walking and riding a bike, I also went swimming, so I hope it counteracts it's self, I think I might leave my weighin this week cause I don't want to see what or if I have put on any weight but I might change my mind so that I know what I need to do.

Well back to normality next week back in work boohoo.

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I would definitely go for your weigh in. You need to weigh in when you think you might have gained. Don't put it off. This is the time you need to hit the scales. It's a good habit to get in to

You'll feel stiff if you've been away from running for a few days. If you go for a slow run/walk session with Laura you will find it gets better as you stretch your legs.


Slow and steady, you'll get there...MW is right, go for your weigh in, you never know you might get a nice surprise x


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