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Hiya - frustrated newbie!

Hi all I'm on week 8 and up until now have sailed thru as somebody who has totally surprised herself from an adamant 'I cant run' to somebody who is thinking of entering the Manchester 10k!! I've recruited quite a few friends to the programme too because I love it - however, I'm struggling with week 8 it's my nemesis- first attempt accidentally paused my app so had to do it again and did complete it, then Thursday came down with a cold but did decide to run Friday but only managed 10 mins, 2x5 then 3 x faster 1s - so disappointed any advice from anybody who has really struggled with one of the later weeks would be great - so near yet so far 😔

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it is probably your cold that has caused the blip, as everything you have done from week 1 to 7 has built you up to run week 8 , maybe a few extra days rest till your cold is better then retry ... i am sure you will run it no problem then :) dont me to hard on yourself as it is very admirable to try and run with a cold... so a big pat on the back for that . rest up ,recover and retry :D

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Ta ☺️


Your cold will NOT have helped that's for sure. But don't give up because your body has to be ready to do the longer runs. Your body IS ready too because this program works, so do this -

1. The day before you do the run again, tell yourself that you ARE going to run for 28 minutes non stop. Mentally SEE the end of your route where you'll fist the air with triumphant success.

2. When running go dead slow - 7 - 8 mins per K speed. Think of conserving energy to the end. The early part of the run at slow speed is an investment for later on.

3. If this doesn't work, then IT WILL WORK NEXT TIME! The miles are getting put in slowly but surely, so don't give up. Each run is money in the running bank.





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