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Running 'scared'

Running scared. All my life I have avoided running and,in truth,most physical activity!

Now ,as I approach 64 , I feel the need to improve my motor skills and strength and endurance.Just by chance I came across the NHS podcasts ,in particular C25K and have decided to give it a go.Very impressed by all the enthusiastic comments listed on the site.Well I have completed 2 sessions of week 1. So far,so good although I won't break any records for speed or elegance!

I intend to follow all your comments and would welcome any tips and advice

many thanks.

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I was 67 when I started C25K 12 months ago - now I am running 4 days per week - you can do it!


Welcome to the forum, Ezra, and congratulations with taking this important step towards a healthier and more active self. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will look forward to read about how you're getting on with the programme as the weeks go by.

Tips and advice? Believe in yourself. You can do this. If it feels too hard, you're probably running too fast. You can do it. Trust the programme, it has worked for countless people, and even if it occasionally feels like really hard work, it will work for you as well. Oh yeah, and one last tip: You can do it!


Welcome Ezra. Although I was sporty in my teens, I was much like you when I started (although a wee bit younger, but not much). I'm approaching the end of week 7 and would never have believed when I started that I'd be capable of running continuously for 25 minutes. I know I'll never be the fastest, nor will I ever have the wiry physique of a 'proper' runner, but I'm actually doing this, and regularly surprise myself at just how much I enjoy it. I'm no expert, but my advice would be to listen to Laura, she won't steer you wrong, and remember 'slow and steady'. Best of luck to you, Steve


Yep it's fun and wierdly addictive

You don't need speed for C25k programme, in fact it's a nuisance as it gets in the way of the real work of carefully, gently jog/walking through the 9 weeks. If you go slowly and steadily, walk and run when Laura tells you to, she will get you through each session

I would get some running shoes, they can be had quite cheaply from Sportsdirect (I got Karrimors when I started) Still running in them to this day and they're fine. You don't want to spend a lot until you know you're in it for the long haul

Running slowly is the thing. Keep slow and you'll nail it.


way to go :D welcome and well done on making probably the best decision you can make for yourself :D do it at your own pace and prepare to beome addicted :)


Welcome ezra. Most of us here have avoided running until we discovered this programme and then we have been astonished to see how much it transforms lives.

As per the advice above, proper running shoes and if you're a lady then a good sports bra is all you need to start. Follow the programme, repeat runs if you need to, take the rest days, stretch after every run and run very SLOWLY. The slower you run the better.

Come on here for advice, guidance, moaning, sharing stories, successes, disappointments or general support and encouragement. We love hearing from new joiners so keep posting to let us know how you're getting on.

Well done also on getting your first two runs done. You've taken the first brave steps towards a healthier and confident running life.


A massive thank u to all the kind people who have replied. Some excellent advice and encouragement I am actually looking forward to my next session and have equipped myself with sports bra and running shoes. I have noticed a huge difference between the correct footwear and my normal trainers. It almost feels as if the right shoes are willing me to run. They feel so good! Will keep all you brilliant people informed of my 'progress' and will certainly take advice to heart. Thank u all

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Oh yes, the right shoes will almost run and take you with them! Good luck, keep us posted x


Welcome Ezra, all the above posts have said it all really but I just wanted to wish you well and I hope you enjoy the programme.

You have made an excellent decison in choosing this programme, you wont regret it .

Good Luck to you and keep us informed of your progress xxx


Believe me, you're gonna love this 'journey''s addictive AND good for you.....above all, ENJOY!!


I would echo everything everyone had said. I'm only a couple of years away from you but started running last year and cannot stop this strange addiction. What helped to spur me on was signing up to a fun run of 3km, so I then had something to aim for. I now run out of amazement - amazed that my body is still allowing me to do this. But I feel great and it is a great topic of conversation with all sorts of people. You have a great time and enjoy the ride!


Well done for taking the first big step Ezra. I'm 64 on the 18th Feb and graduated last month. If I can do it you can. Listen to what Laura says and believe in yourself. Keep it going Ezra.


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