There she goes....

I had a really good morning run, and was just getting to my final few metres of run when I tripped and fell smack on my face. Ice and snow caused the fall you might say, but no, it was an uneven pavement.

I managed to get up and having no mirror to see the damage I walked the final part home. What a shock when I got in. I have taken the skin off my right side face and nose, and inside my mouth as well. Cleaned it all up luckily with some dressings stuff the district nurse had left for my dad's leg ulcer, and noticed I skint my knees too and possible damage to a pinky which is bright purple right now.

What a state my face is now. can only eat soup and ice cream for now. Pleased to say before this spectacular tumble I had run 10.23 km, but now wont be running the rest of this week..

I will take more care next time I am on this route, for now I am sitting with my feet up!


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30 Replies

  • Oh no! Poor you! Hope you feel better soon and are not scarred for life!

  • Oh dear, poor you, what a state.

  • Oh dear! It is a bit of a feature of this running lark. I think most of us have taken tumbles at some time or another. You'll be fine in no time and back to running. Meanwhile enjoy having your feet up in the warm

  • thanks I have only fallen twice before and skinned my knees. But landing from running straight onto you face is not a barrel of laughs. I can say.

  • Oh ! That doesn't sound good....DIY dermabrasion is not recommended. Hope it heals well and soon. Take care..

  • That's what someone said today to me. it certainly feels like that. Not sure if I have broken my nose, its to painful to tweek it and see. My pinky is purple but I can bend it a bit. bruised knees and elbows.

    Not be going out anywhere for a while, apart from walking the dogs.

  • That sounds awful. Poor you! But well done for getting the run done. You've got the scars now to prove you're a runner!

  • that run might have to do me for about 10 days. 10 rounds with Mike Tyson is how I look now!

  • Oh sounds really painful....hope it clears up soon!

  • thanks for the concern.

  • oh dear. sending you a hug. Hope all will be well. What a wonderful distance to cover though :-)

  • distance I am pleased with but not the face for now.

  • Ouchy! That sounds awful - hope you are soon on the mend.

  • thanks it may take some time, but my face will heal, its just in the inside of my mouth that really painful right now.

  • Oh my goodness, hope you feel ok soon. A tumble can be really quite shocking. Don't blame you for having the rest of the week off, it's important to let yourself heal properly. Take care m'dear.

  • Thanks a lot my face is really sore this evening especially the inside of my mouth, having to drink my tea through a straw is fun though.

  • That sounds very painful. Hope you get better soon!!

  • thanks

  • thanks for the concern.

  • Oh dear that's awful. I hope you're ok. Report to the council!!!! Might get some pennies for nice new running gear!!!!

  • Oh Burst, that mustve really shook you up. I remember when I once did a faceplant , I felt physically sick everytime I thought about it .Poor you xxxx

    Put your feet up for a while , and take some much needed rest and relaxation and I hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Poppypug, It certainly was, the shock made me feel sick and you have no idea initially until you look in the mirror how bad things are. Drinking out of a straw just now. Its going to take a while to look my beautiful self. I assume by your name you have a pug. Me too. She is a one year old fawn by the name of Holly.

  • Oh Burst , that sounds so painful. I really wish you a speedy recovery xxxx

    Oh a fellow Pug owner ! Yes, I have 2 boy rescue pugs. Rocky is a fawn 6 year old and Doug is a black 5 year old.

    They certainly keep me on my toes , but I wouldn't swap them for all the tea in China :-D xxx

  • Toonlou. I have done just that and sent some photos of the face too. I just want them to fix the pavements.

  • Ow. Poor you. Take care of yourself - I find cake and/or chocolate help :)

  • Oh goodness, so sorry to hear about your tumble. That sounds nasty. At least nothing is broken though; something like that could easily out you out for weeks, if not months, so despite how bad it looks, you can still run! :D Speedy recovery to you, and take care out there! :-)

  • Not sure if my nose is broken yet, its just to sore to touch right now. As for running once the face heals then I will, but not this route for a while.

  • Oh dear, been there, done that. And it was pavement (well, kerb) sloping at an angle did it. Sorry to hear about your big adventure. I guess it's a risk we take with running outside. All the nurse at A & E kept saying to me was "You are so lucky" which I took to mean that i was lucky i hadn't broken any bones! I presume this running exercise keeps our bones strong so when we do fall we are more resilient than people who don't exercise. I've still got the marks on my knee and elbow where I skinned myself and a dinky scar on the back of my hand (how the back of it??) and a lump on the bone of my fourth finger. Just over a month ago. Back to running very carefully indeed and I give that kerb a very hard stare everytime i pass it, daring it to leap up at me again. Hope you are feeling better in a few days and soon mending. Take care!

  • Ouch, that sounds like a really bad fall. Hope you're feeling better soon xx

  • brave enough to go out without my face covered up now. Am looking like a big scab now.

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