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My daughter's father in law (my age) had a real go at me last night telling me that running was really bad for my joints and at my age I should simply be walking ('Trust me I know what I'm talking about"). I was so outraged I awoke at dawn and set out for a run and achieved a second best time on the hill climb from the farm. Don't tell me what I can or can't do mister!


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29 Replies

  • Ha ha! I love your attitude! Go girl!

  • Love it! That's the spirit!!

    Amazing how many arm chair warriors know everthing far better than those at the coalface. Sorry for mixing my metaphors.

  • Sounds like he's jealous! There you are improving your fitness and overall health, reversing your age! And he has the mind set, well I'm this age therefore no speedy movements for me, no sir! He just doesn't get it, does he. Don't you dare be influenced by such silly talk, I'm with you, - this girl can - and will!


  • Back of the net TT :D

    Put wall chart with your running achievements in a place where he will be forced to see it.

    I never trust anyone who has to resort to 'Trust me...' or believe anyone who needs to ask me to 'Believe me ...' etc. But then it wouldn't do if the world were all as sceptical as me!

  • Oh that would be my ideal world Slookie...

  • You go girl - everyone's an expert eh?

  • My mum was always complaining about her weight '"I don't eat anything, I can't understand why I'm putting on weight..." When I suggested that maybe she could think about joining an over 50s fitness club, her response was "You can't expect me to do that at my age!"

    She was 49..........

    Some people just can't accept that age is no barrier as long as you take care and follow a sensible plan. Go TT - you show him what you're made of!! And what he's made of........ ;-))

  • Though 'maturity'-denial can have its disadvantages ... my granny refused to wear a hearing aid at the age of 86 because they were for 'old people'. Still, it tested our voice projection capabilities. Bless 'er little hand-knitted bed socks.

  • Brilliant well done TT that showed him!

  • Hi TT, that's the spirit!! Don't tell a determined woman what she can and can't do because it'll all end in tears (and they won't be the determined woman's tears either!)

  • What a tw*t! Some folks just have one foot permanently in the grave don't they.

  • Invite him for a walk and then after a little while you can take off like a spring chicken.

  • That might be quite fun IP. Except for the 'conversation' I would have to endure for the five minutes before I jogged off.

  • Thanks all. What outraged me was that he thought he was giving me information I had never heard before for my own good. Ooops and there was me last year running 10Ks without giving my joints a second thought. Actually mate I have studied more research about running for seniors than you have had hot dinners. But you can't have a ding dong battle with your daughter's father in law can you? Can you?

  • I also get this "advice" -- usually it is from people who don't run and have never run. I do know many people who have knee problems however - they are usually either people who hurt their knees while playing sports when younger ( rugby, soccer,etc) or those who are grossly obese!!!!

    All you have to say is " Hmm -- so far I haven't had any such problem. I'll bear it in mind though." :) .

  • Oh Yes you can!! Challenge his beliefs; sounds as though he needs it.

  • Show him this and ask him whether he thinks it's perhaps minds rather than joints that become inflexible with age if you don't be careful?

  • Or there's this woman

  • Reading those stories has filled me with renewed confidence. Tea Fairy. Thank you. M

    aybe a marathon isn't out of the question after all!

  • And how do you feel today? How are your joints and how old is 'at your age'

    have fun

  • I feel great DoniMac! Not a twinge of protest from my ancient (69 years this year) joints And anxious to get to bed because when I wake up it will be time for tomorrow's run! My dander is up now :-)

  • hi there, you sound like your doing really well, and keep on going. Tell the old codger "hey babe lets walk on the wild side" remember that song, I'm 70 and am so annoyed I can't run, my knees have got a few issues about pounding the road. But have started a brisk walk instead now, and doing well, well it was the first morning today, but so far so good, tried to run, but the knee swelled up too quickly.

    Keep on going on girl. Maybe the old feller will get up off the couch and join you one day

  • My father has a drawer full of medals he got from running marathons when he was younger. He is now 72, going on 73 shortly and his joints are just fine! Although he doesn't run anymore he still goes out walking about 5miles a day with the dog. Proof that running isn't always bad for your joints!

  • Yes, I was told the same thing by someone who was in the army and apparently his knees gave out after running regularly with a very full backpack.... I'll remember that next time I feel like running around with a pack full of bricks..

  • Tell him to shove his advice; I'm sure you won't need to tell him where to shove it. Then run off, cackling happily!

  • Tell him what he can do or can't do. The answer is he can walk but not run. Isn't envy one of the seven deadly sins ?

  • Wouldn't you know it? I took a misstep in the dark last night and sprained my ankle. He must NOT find out. I can see his smug face now!

  • Oh no :-(

  • Still on the sick-list, diagnosed (courtesy of Google) with bursitis. Ironically, I think I must have done it while playing a crazy musical chairs type game called duck, duck, goose, with the grandchildren. But of course HE would never believe that! Hoping that ibuprofen and rest (haha) will let me resume week 2 in a few days.

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