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That was a bit better

Well after a disastrous attempy at a run on Thursday I set ouy this morning determined to get over this slump I seem to have fallen into. 7am - frosty but no rain & crucially not a breath of wind. I did the Suz Bridge to 10k week 6 podcast which is 3x20 mins with a 5 min warm up & 3 min break between the running bits. First 20 mins was pretty awful but the 2nd & 3rd sessions were better. The sun came out, I could see daffodils in bud & my breath was puffing out at a good rate. Just over 7km by the end which is an improvement on the 5km I staggered through on Thursday in about the same time. Feels like I may be back in the groove! The positive posts I got following my moan about being rubbish were a great help. If there's anyone who is trying to get their mo jo back you just need to keep plodding away & you'll power through it. Happy chilly weekend running everyone! !

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That's great news. You see - you just needed to get on the forum! Well done chuck.


This is a wonderful post to read this morning. Im so thrilled you got out and had a good run!

I am babysitting today so had to use treadmill which was boring as heck. But I did 5k. Slow but hey I did it :)

You got your mojo back!


well done you for getting back in the groove and doing your run after a not so good run :D


I reckon a long, slow run is a lovely, relaxing thing to do. You need to do it when you have time so you can lose yourself in it. No good doing it if you're in a rush

Put some music on, get dressed warmly and just do it. Just run so you're completely comfortable, nice and slow.

The more mileage you put down the fitter and stronger you get. Even me, and

I'm 57!

Happy days Shazzer!!!!


How lovely! Glad you've got your mojo back :)


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