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This Girl Can

Not intending to exclude the boys from this...I don't know if you've seen the ads on TV yet but it's an initiative from Sport England to get more women involved in sporting activity and has drummed up a lot of publicity today. I was mooching round their website and was quite gratified to see in the running section links to our very own NHS podcasts and app. More awareness of the plan can't harm! if you're curious.

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I love this video and have watched it several times as it always brings a smile to my face. I love the message and the people they have used in it. And, although it is aimed at women, I hope that men can also take heed of the message within.

And 'sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox' is my new running mantra :)


Yep, I love that mantra. Being in touch with my feminine side (ha ha), I have chosen to take heed of the message.


I love it, it says to me it doesn't matter what size or shape you are to enjoy sport and it's actually a good thing to be red and sweaty!


I love it too and shouted 'This Girl Can!' at least a couple of times during my last run - this is my new mantra. (Good job there weren't too many people about!)


This is ace...I love it ;)


Love the adverts & the fact it depicts real size women exercising :) BBC had an article yesterday (posted on the forum) that said it's better to be overweight and active than skinny & sedentary, made me feel better :)

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