My running - if you can call it that - seems to be getting even slower than my usual tortoise pace. Last week I put it down to the strong gusts of wind but this week the weather hasn't been too bad. So why is this happening? This morning I struggled to do 5k in 55 minutes & I was shattered at the end & my calf muscles were killing me. I haven't changed my route or running shoes & I don’t feel like I'm coming down with a bug. Any suggestions? ? Maybe I'm just getting older ☺


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  • I struggle on my runs if I've eaten more than I should. I felt terrible and sluggish on my first run after Christmas and I could only attribute it to unhealthy eating and being 3 pounds heavier. Could that be it do you think?

    We all have off days, and like Laura says "there is no rhyme or reason for it". Just have your rest day and hopefully the next one will be better. Don't let it put you off or get you down. These things happen

  • Sometimes it just happens that we go through a bad patch or a bad run. I am still very slow so don't be disheartened, there are plenty of us at the same stage as you. But look at us! We are off the sofa and getting out there!

    It may be that you are coming down with a bug or something. Let us know how you go...

  • I think I might try some interval running tomorrow. Haven't done that for a while & a change might be the kick start I'm after. I'll have the time to be out longer so i'll give it a whirl & see how it goes.

  • I think mixing it up a bit is a brilliant idea. I think sometimes our bodies just get bored like our heads!

  • Don't worry! You are out there and not on the couch! would be so easy to do in the cold. You are not slow! Pick yourself up, be proud of yourself and any run good or bad is better than no run at all!

  • Sometimes there is no reason, maybe have an extra rest day, have you had enough to eat and I find a different route, different music helps. Don't worry you will find that it might be a little blip.

  • I am so with you on this. I have slow runs and feel like I am getting slower and slower, then pull my self together and really push and get a pb. This has been going on for a while, but what I have noticed is that when I run slowly my lower legs hurt. I have an optimum speed where running feels easy and nothing hurts, but I get breathless and can't sustain it. So I think it's basic fitness for me. I can pull the odd very fast run ( for me). Sub 30 mins 5 k. But am so shattered I can't run agin for days and have been sick afterwards. So I am just relaxing now and not worrying about time or distance, just plodding off regularly and pick one of many runs of varying distances. I am not sure this is any good but I think I am getting there albeit it slowly. So my opinion for what it's worth - don't worry about it. Run for enjoyment and hope it improves magically

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks so much for your responses. I'm planning on doing some interval running tomorrow morning so I'll report on how it goes. Feeling positive which is a step forward in itself

  • I think we each have an optimal temperature when we run our best.

    It seems yours isn't a winter one, and maybe if you are wearing longer sleeves, longer leggings or an extra layer it also slows you down.

    Happy running.

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