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W4r1 - achey calves

Yeay, managed my first week 4 run.

I had very very mild shin splints so had 2 rest days and that helped. But, my calves are sore now.

I almost pulled a muscle doing my cool down exercises so Lord alone knows what I am doing wrong!

I do have flat feet so have special trainers that help correct my awful pronation (still run like a duck though). I find I get less soreness jogging in a field but I am on roads now as they are lit and the fields aren't (more scared of treading in dog pooh than anything else though-where I live is very safe).

Any ideas on why my calves might be sore?

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I'm at exactly the same stage as you. As a fellow calf-sufferer I find stretching them out on the bottom step helps, when you stand on your toes and dip your heels down as far as poss and raise up. I try and do it a few times every time I go upstairs for something! I've always had problems with my calves and in everyday life I find flat shoes really hard going without gel heel-wedges in, I haven't tried them in my trainers yet. I might see if I can find some specifically for runners as it is a problem.

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Yes, it's your body's response to the new onslaught! Once you start exercising your body sits up and takes notice, hence the aching, niggly, annoying pain. As you progress through your runs your body will get stronger and eventually the niggles will go as your body becomes more able to support your running. Lots of us do other exercise as well to help us get stronger, eg walking, cycling, swimming, dance exercise, strength and cardio etc.

You can take Ibufren or Neurofen, a couple immediately before sleep (on your run days) and that should help matters. Don't do it routinely though. If your pain persists you might need an extra day's rest.

I hope you'll feel better soon. Take care


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