Final run looks like it'll be in London so I was thinking hyde park...any advice??

It looks like I am away in London for the final run of c25k according to my plan for the next 3 weeks. I am staying on the edge of hyde park so I was hoping to run first thing through the park and Kensington gardens before breakfast. The sun should be up just after 7.30 so it seems ok.

I am not a London expert though and my sister who goes often doesn't want me running whilst we are away (just us, a break, no kids!) but it would feel like finishing in a bit of a high!

Any advice on the park at that time of day?

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  • You're not saying what time of the day you're expecting to run, but 7.30 you'll have commuters walking to work already, so if it was me, I wouldn't worry about it. Quite the opposite. Graduation in Hyde Park sounds very glamorous, and there's a famous running club named after the Serpentine, so you'd be mingling with the greatest (if not in time, then at least in spce) for the occasion. Enjoy! :)

  • ;) I was thinking of 7.30am ish Tomas as I could go before breakfast without (hopefully) too much complaining from said sister!

    I haven't been in hyde park since I was a child so I can't remember it at all (or how well lit it is) but it does seem like a very fitting goal x

  • 7:30 it should be getting light and there is lighting on most of the park. I ran it before my Xmas festivities and it is brilliant. Hills are very gentle. If you google Hyde Park you can find the running routes. I ran anti-clockwise and did 5k in just under 30 mins but I did graduate in June. Have a great time it is a superb place to run.

  • Cheshiregal I found this

    A flat 5k route around Hyde Park. Someone on another forum put it up, saying they were staying near Hyde Park and this was the run they had planned: I wondered if it was you actually, seemed like a coincidence! I hope you can see it xx

  • Ooo thanks wasn't me but I'll save it to look at nearer the time ;) xx

  • That would be a great graduation! Lucky you! I used to work near Hyde Park years ago, I used to park there and walk to work, it was lovely!

  • I always feel sympathetic when i see the runners in the middle of London battling against all the people and traffic. In hyde park the rolls seem reversed - their are so many runners during the day time in the park. I should imagine at 7.30 it would be an even more popular time so you'll have a lot of other runners as company.

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