Is it me?

Just done run 1 of week 3, which involved running for 3 minutes for the first time. Since when did 3 minutes last so long? I can think of loads of occasions when 3 minutes is like nothing at all, so how come it's suddenly become such an age?

Many thanks to Laura for the encouragement. I managed to complete the run, but only with her help. What a nice person!


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  • It's surprising how long a minute really is, isn't it? I'm nearly done now but it never fails to amaze me how much time goes by after Laura says there's "just 60 seconds to go"! I'm sure it's really at least 5 minutes!!

    Well done on getting started :)

  • Yeah it was a shock to my system how long a minute was never three when I first started!! I was sure it was wrong! Keep going your doing fab!

  • Well Done - I do my first 3min tomorrow. Dreading it. My knees are sore and my legs are like jelly.

  • You'll love it Buffy. It's a blast. Put a smile on your face before you start. Go slowly!

    Well done John. The first run is the hardest. Laura is a lovely lady and she will spoon feed you with little snippets of advice as you proceed through the programme. She won't tell you too much at once, just a bit at a time so you don't get bamboozled. If you run slow enough John you will finish. If you go too fast you will struggle. Slow jog is fine

    Have fun! Relish these runs as they're over with all too quickly

  • Well done, it's amazing how long these 'minutes' are, it certainly isn't just you, I think we've all felt it. But with Laura's help you CAN do it, just continue with what she says and go for it. Remember to keep it slow, I used to feel if I ran faster the minutes would go quicker - I was wrong ;-)

    Keep it up, the minutes may go slowly but before you know it you'll be graduating and you'll wonder where all those weeks went!


  • So, how's week 4 going?

  • Hi Buffy. If I thought 3 minutes was a long time, just think how long 5 minutes seemed! Still, I did manage to do it, so Laura's encouragement is still working :-)

  • Oh gosh, I'm so terrified!!! And its icy - pray it won't be too bad to run - I really, really don't want to break my stride now. 5 mins here I come .................. (well, in 13.5 hours - not that I'm counting!)

  • That reminds me of the first time i ever did CPR on a resus dummy- the trainer asked us how long we had been doing it and i said "half an hour???" and he said "5 minutes".. Thankfully in real life situations adrenaline helps you not to notice!

    Pity the same thing doesn't apply in running. Some 60 seconds on my first run were interminable!

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