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My first running week and I need a buddy

I don't mind having a bash at running, already getting bored with the Jillian Michaels DVD I bought that I start on for my week 1 last week. My problem is that I leave for work in the dark and return in the dark and live in a small village. I need a running buddy until it is light in the evenings. I live in Christchurch in Cambridgeshire but I work in Huntingdon so either Christchurch after 6:30 or Huntingdon after 5:30 would be fine for me if anyone out there is up for it.

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Have you thought of posting on the FB C25kers page? You might get lucky.

Also a running collective and running club near me do the C25k. An independent sports shop might have info. Am guessing the big chains are too distant from the community to have useful info like this.


I will try the FB page, thanks. Think I need a staggering club at this point more than a running club. I haven't seen anyone locally running.


Sorry, can't help... are there no running clubs in your area?


I will investigate but haven't seen anyone running. Problem is it will start very slowly I'm sure.


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