Katie Hopkins

Hello everybody, has anyone been watching the new series of Katie Hopkins my fat story. I would at one poin agreed with her, but she has the bad attitude towards fat people, and she is not sympathic at all.

Some of her comments are just to derogatory towars fat people. Anyway if any of you haven't seen the show. It is worth watching it and see what you think.

I have seen her body on the show. She is very skinny and not a nice body, her body has not shape at all. If being skinny is all about that body, I rather have some meat and curves on me, her body was not appealing at all.


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  • I've taped it but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. She is a fairly obnoxious person anyway, so I will be interested to see how she handles the subject!

    I was super skinny when I was young, but my body was not very attractive. I'm fatter now, and my body is still pretty uninspiring - still no boobs - and my stomach sticks out further than my chest, which makes wearing most modern, figure-hugging clothes impossible for me - I live in leggings and tent-like tops. BUT everyone who sees me out and about says I have a nice figure - I think it's how you choose to dress rather than your actual shape which makes you look good or bad. I reckon if people spent half as much on learning how to dress correctly for their shape a la Trinny and Susannah as they do on fad diets they would be better served!!

  • I shall avoid watching it as I fear the whole point of the programme - which should be tackling obesity - will be lost, and the whole thing will degenerate into some stupid reality show and Katie H will be the panto villain. She will be vilified on twitter and face book and get lots of unlikes (or whatever you call the opposite of "likes"), will go into meltdown and have to have counselling, which will be televised of course.

    I don't think being sympathetic towards overweight people is helpful. Folks need to know what the likely outcomes are, and putting a sugar coating on it might make them happy but won't help them at all. My WW Leader was driven to seek help only after being offended by a crass remark, but it had the desired effect of being the catalyst for change.

    As a formerly obese person I don't miss my fat bum, spare tyres, boobage etc. Curvaceous certainly but I wouldn't swap that lot for the slim new me. No arse, no boobs but I can run about like a spring chicken and not wheeze like a smoking beagle. I don't know whether the old man preferred my previously ample proportions because I haven't asked him, nor sought his approval. I lost weight for my benefit.

  • Well a bit of everything in moderation is good. Like the other lady said is how you dress and put yourself together that defined you.

    I am not skinny woman, being seeing how skinny Jatie was and how awful she did looked make me things of is it worthy the size 10 jeans.

    I am a curveceous size 12 and I love it. I wear clothes suit my age, and I look good in it.

  • You two ladies are an advert for empowered womanhood! Go girls!!

  • I just composed a long and detailed response to that, Miss Wobble, but I don't want to sound like I'm preaching and offend anyone so I deleted it! The bottom line is that calories in have to be equal to or less than calories going out for anyone to maintain or lose weight, and if you lie to yourself about what goes in, the only one to suffer is you really! And the NHS!

  • I love you misswobble!

  • I think you should write what you feel. No one should feel offended. I myself think that it is not right to be paying for other people who sat on their ase and ate themselves to death. To the point where the only option left for them is gastric bypass surgery on the nhs. We all have to be hold accountable to what we put in our mouth.

    Some people doesn't care because they know at the end of the day. The tax payer will bail them out.

    On channel 5 there is a programe to fat to work. What about the supper skinny. Shouldn't we looked after them as well. To skinny to work. What a joke this country has become..

  • As Meghan Trainor says in "All About That Bass". (A fave on my c25k playlist) much better to have all the right junk in all the right places! x

  • gotta luv a lady with some proper curves :D

  • Beautiful people come in all variations of shape and size.

    Never 'eard of Katie Hopkins which might be a blessing!

  • You are truly blessed !!

  • It is not about being blessed. It is about hard worked. I worked three jobs Monday through to Sunday to support myself and my family. Being blessed is staying at home and the tax payers looking after me and my family. And I still have time to exercise every day.

  • Sorry ! I was replying to Slookie and saying she was blessed not to have heard of Katie Hopkins....

  • I got it (after help from Google), which is a miracle cos I don't get much these days :D

    Blessings, though, should be counted every single day because tomorrow will always be a lottery.

    Kind regards,

    Eva Angelical :D

  • I do apologise for my replied earlier. Big sorry to henpen90

  • Can't be doing with the woman. I think she's rude. I know it's her gimmick and her USP, but there's precious little courtesy in the world as it is, without people making a living by being rude about other people. Grrrrrrr

  • I agree Ancient mum, she is repellant.

  • Which is what i predicted the program would be about. Slagging off KH rather than a serious program about weight/health/obesity. Pity, as it's a serious subject

  • You're right MissW, obesity is a real problem in our society. Just wish they could have found a better way to tackle the issue by than using such a controversial character.

  • I think obesity and fitness has been covered from most angles - so why not come at it from a less PC and oh its not your fault angle. When i was a kid it was rare to see anyone over weight. There was one person in my year at primary / junior school who was overweight and i still remember his name probably because he was different. Having said that he would be considered well normal by todays standard as he was probably about 25% heavier than the rest of the kids. His slightly overweight frame did not stop him from any physical activities. He competed in the running and wasn't a bad footballer and like everyone else probably walked to school and back. There is now an epidemic of overweight people that it has become the norm. I liked the angle the programme came from, why not say it as it is if it gets a result. It was brave of her to put on 3 stone in weight. I also thought the obese lady her claimed to be a fitness instructor and phoned up the police to report a hate crime was in complete denial and needs a reality check. That was pure reality TV gold.

    Well done Katie Hopkins.

  • We'll have to agree to disagree. The topic is immaterial, it could be obesity, the North South divide, package holidays, or children's names. I find it incomprehensible that she should be able to earn a living by being deliberately rude to and about other people. It's just a symptom of the lack of courtesy and politeness in our society today. Just because someone has an opinion about something, it doesn't automatically mean they should express it, especially if it causes upset or distress.

  • Just my opinion though. Hope it doesn't cause distress!

  • I expected everyone to disagree with my viewpoint. I think today's society does show courtesy. political correctness and sugar coats unpleasantness. Years ago it was common to call people fat. We did have characters such as Billy Bunter and Fatty Artbuckel. I don't think we should go back to the old northern thesis of always calling a spade a spade but she did make the point even if it was unpleasant to hear. The obese fitness instructor who allegedly attends a gym 3 times a week should take heed of what she said however unpleasant because there is no way that she is fit and healthy.

    There were obese people on the programme who started to do something about it and then there were those who just phoned the police because their feelings were hurt.

    I think that this TV programme was a great advertisement for the C25K programme. Obese people can continue to blame other people for hurting their feelings or try and do something positive about changing their lifestyle by eating less and moving more.

  • I don't think there's any easy solution. But having someone like that to voice it will not help matters!

    Personally, the being offended then losing weight thing doesn't work for me (I am about 4-5 stone overweight). And I find it hard, when I am trying to do something about the effect my obesity has on my overall health, that some people shout nasty things or are discouraging.

    In the past the fear of other peoples' disgust has put me off trying to become healthier as no one likes to be judged negatively.

    Some people may think I'm being too sensitive. You're probably right, but I know I'm not alone in feeling like this.

    The big thing that has worked so far for me is the encouragement and support that this forum offers. It has buoyed me even when I have had negative judgements from people about the fact that I'm a fat person exercising.

  • You should be proud of the fact that you have made the right choice and the first step to becoming healthy. Keep it up. Don't give up no matter what. Stay positive. There are lots of support on this site

  • I think there are few things more inspirational than seeing someone who clearly has a weight problem getting out there and running. Huge respect. I found it uncomfortable, and I am only carrying about a stone more than I need. It takes a lot of courage and a great strength of character to get out there in lycra (other fabrics may be available!) and run while some members of the Great British Public watch and mock. We just have to keep telling ourselves that they are only mocking because they are embarrassed that they can't run 5k! And we can! So Yar Boo Sucks to them!

  • I suspect pretty strongly that the people who try to shame you for exercising as a fat person are also the people who whine about fat people being fat/lazy/inactive, in which case, you can't please them either way and anyway shouldn't dignify such ridiculousness with a response.

    I'm always impressed when I see another runner, fat, thin, old, young, speedy or otherwise, because I *know* what a challenge and what a joy running is.

  • I have just blogged my support of Katie Hopkins programme despite her discourteous manner. I totally support teafairy in that the runners who i find inspirational are those that are old, overweight and those who really struggle to move. I have never once heard anyone who has been anything less than praising to someone who is overweight but is trying to do something positive. It always gives me a warm feeling and i think good for you. It is a journey but the rewards are great the only judgements you will ever have will be positive. All the best in maintaining your fitness programme.

  • This is a very timely post for me. I was walking along the Thames path the other night and there were loads and loads of runners around, mostly of reasonable sizes and shapes. A friend and I were walking and chatting, not paying much attention (although I was thinking of my planned run the next morning :D ). Now I am currently about 2 stone overweight by the official BMI charts and am absolutely delighted that I have just before Christmas dropped into the Overweight category instead of the Obese category. And even more delighted that I've maintained that over the holidays. My friend is slightly lighter than me but a different body shape. So there we are, surrounded by a herd of lycra-clad runners, chatting away, and suddenly a yob-voice shouts from one side, 'Run, fat-boy, run' followed by sniggering - to what I thought was a girl with quite a good figure - and then, obviously addressed to us, 'but you two fatties, you can walk.' Cue more sniggering from his mates.

    My point is, my friend was upset by this. I wasn't. He is obviously pretty thick, has nothing more interesting to do with his evening, and will never be able to run 5k. He hasn't achieved what I have - well, I'm choosing to assume here. I know nothing about him. He may be a future Nobel prize winner, he may have an IQ of 150, he may have a doctorate. However, without being too much of a snob, I think, from his demeanour and his attitude, all these things are unlikely, to say the least.

    The thing that did upset me though, was that she was upset. How many of us have read on this forum that people don't want to start because they are embarrassed or don't want to be seen? I know I was worried when I started, and it took me ages to get to the point where I realised that I'm doing this for me and I genuinely don't care about what others think. If they think I look awful in my neon lycra, they can look the other way. If they're upset by my jiggling flab, I'm sure they'll get a kick out of saying how awful it looked at the coffee machine at work next day. Fine - go for it. If that's the best thing in their sad little lives, so be it. I can run 5k.

  • Anniemurph I loved your post! Thankyou. I can feel self conscious (spelling?) just walking down the street! obv I don't run! Thanks again for words of wisdom!

  • I'm glad you liked it! All the best to you :)

  • I have not watched the program, mainly because I saw a clip where she was in tears about how she hated fat people for making her have to eat all the food she did in order to put on weight! I was one of those obese people until recently and I'm sorry, but seeing a celebrity put on weight and show she can lose it again would not have made me start to lose weight. I've lost 4 stone over the past eight months and the only thing that made me do it was the fact that I wanted to! It is perfectly possible to lose weight, and on the weight loss forum on here there are people with medical conditions which make weight loss difficult who have still managed it, but the only person who can make you do it is YOU. Sorry for the bit of a rant, but I don't think anyone has a right to tell you to lose weight, with the possible exception of a doctor where there are medical reasons.

  • I think society's expectations of a woman's body these days have actually outweighed what health is. What's even worse is the we demonise the very victims of our own system. The system that has been put in place to make us obssessed with consumerism. My point is, if obesity was really a disease, then why are the patients victimised? Yes I believe that of course we should all be held responsible for our actions,. OF COURSE there is an element of human control, and lifestyle choices involved. But as per any problem, other factors exist: be it neuroendocrinological, biological, or psychological, that predisposes them to more weight gain than others. People fail to believe that actually, sometimes such factors are ALOT MORE important than calories in and out and exercise. Take someone with chronic depression, serious clinical depression can mess your hormones, cortisol sky high, constant stimulation, blood sugar not controlled: and there you have it: an obese person. We all refuse to see that, and we decide that its a simple as all of these people just sit around and eat all day everyday. They don't need to eat because they are carrying around all this adipose tissue, so if we see a skinny person and a fat person having the EXACT same portion, the person just looks greedy, and well 'no wonder /she is so big. On the other hand, the slim person: 'woooow must be your genes, wish I could eat like that'. No way is it that simple. and its sad that over 70% of the population (yes more than half of us) have to suffer the consequences of being marginalised because they are SOLEY to blame. It is just simply not true. And programmes like this just fuel society's stance on this. And this is exactly why, the obese stay obese, and we make no progress.

    Personally, having seen all spectrums of the BMI because of a bout of anorexia I picked up after moving out from home, I couldn't believe any LESS in BMI and what it means. My BMI was actually 'normal': 18 or so and yet I still could not function, no periods for a year and felt like death, the fear of food and what goes in in your mind is absolutely irrational. And now that I am out of it and at the high end of a normal BMI, I can clarify that it is just absolute nonesense. Ive never felt better, stronger, and healther, and this is at my highest weight. On the other hand, I have friends who's BMI would be around 17 all their lives and they are very fit and healthy. Dad always said it and I never believed him: a bunch of people sit together and mess around with these figures based on some papers here and there and influenced by politics then make recommendations upon them. Health is so much more than that.

    Wow. I do feel strongly about this situation don't I. Rant over though :)

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