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I've been hiding! And any tips please

Hi all just thought I'd say hello as I've been hiding since graduation, still running away but I've joined a 24 hour gym due to the weather. I work nights and finish at 6:30am and have been going on the way home and on my time off around 10pm when my little ones fast asleep. I haven't been keeping to any sort of program which I think needs sorting! Any advice is appreciated - I seem to have stalled with the 30 mins running and have basically been doing 5k with a mix of running and walking taking anywhere from 35-45 minutes. Should this keep me fit enough to run the 30 mins again? It's hard to explain but I just kinda don't feel like the 30 mins straight just now but don't want to loose my fitness for when I do! Any tips on any plans to follow would be appreciated too :)

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Hi, welcome back. Personally, I think you're doing fantastically well. I can't imagine working nights, having small children AND managing to fit in 3 trips a week to the gym as well! Very impressive indeed! :)

I'm sure, if you wanted to, you'd be able to run a 5k tomorrow. You're putting in the effort at the gym and getting through 5k in pretty respectable times doing run/walk. Don't worry about it. You must be fitter and stronger than when you graduated because you have more miles in your legs now. Maybe you could get some advice from one of the trainers at the gym about what you should be doing to maximise the benefit from your time there. Alternatively you could try the old formula of 1 quick run, one 5K and 1 slightly longer run (or run/walk if you prefer)

Good luck with whatever you decide. You really are doing fantastically :)

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Aww thanks so much you've given me a much needed boost :-) I think I'll continue trying for the 5k run/walk 5 times a week as it's a very needed stress buster for me also lol. Thankyou :)


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