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Happy NYE (...and C25k the re-run going well) :)

Evening lovely runners :)

Did W2R1 today and felt good :) I really enjoyed getting back out running the last week or so. Restarting from W1R1 felt quite nice actually - it was "too easy" for me having previously made my way to W9R1 before my leg fell off(!) but I'm actually glad of that. I'm absolutely determined to be patient and take it at a gradual pace to avoid re-injury. I'm pleased to report that my legs feel great - not a niggle in sight :) My post-run routine is now a full-on physio session with exercises and stretches that take as much effort as the running! But all in a good cause if I'm to remain string and fit.

The other thing I'm really enjoying this time around is Winter running. I started C25K in August and I had some very hot runs - even in September and October I struggled with the heat. I really love running in the cold - I've done a couple of runs on frozen ground - hurdling over snow covered branches as I go - it's great fun! The scenery is beautiful - the Peak District hills are particularly breathtaking when covered in snow, and my run is mostly woodland... so I can pretend I'm in Narnia! I went for a run on Christmas Day morning and met along the way 4 horse riders, 3 dog walkers, 2 other runners, and...

...a squirell in an Oak tree :)

All the best for happy safe and joyful running in 2015 to all :)

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Happy New Year Atomic. Have a wonderful, injury free year of running :)


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