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Virtual Races

I don't know if this has been mentioned on here before, but I only just found this site today.

Basically every month there is a different race for a charity, generally 5k and 10k option. You pay your race fee ( seems to be £10-15 on average) and the money goes to the charity. You run the distance at any point you want during the month, and take a photo of your Garmin display or running app, which you email to them as proof, and they send you your medal or t-shirt or whatever. The results are published online.

Seems a great fun way of raising money for charity and incentivising your runs, and ideal for those who don't fancy the farrago of racing with hundreds of other sweaty runners.

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Not a terrible idea! Something like coughing up for, say, gym membership! Added bonus = medals!

Happy New Year to you also!!! :-)


Looks very interesting,thanks Rignold, happy new year :)


Hmm. Just had a look at this and only 20% of the money goes to the charity. I suppose it is good motivation to sign up but am inclined just to set myself a challenge and give the money I would have paid to virtual run to a charity so they get all of it.

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20% is not a lot is it with some of the sign up fees? I was seriously considering them for when I graduated.


You could of course do that. You could just donate to charity and go running normally. We have several charities we support with monthly direct debits and I go running most days. For me Virtual Races are an extra thing on top that is a bit of fun, a bit of bling and a bit more toward a good cause into the bargain. How much of your entry fee goes to charity on a 'real' race?


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