buntingford 10

buntingford 10

update from the race ,very cold on sunday and just about made it to event on time as my lift was late .as i got there to collect my bib i noticed that the 90% of the runners were from running clubs bath/notts and all over some sort off club championships awards after.

the race was fine out off the town and out into rolling countryside with some hills which i soon learnt not run up full speed ,had little moment at 9.5 miles where my breathing just went so i just stopped for 30 secs then pushed on to finish 1hr.16.15 and 135th /600 no pic of me ive got a few but instead this amazing lady

Team GB member, Louise Simpson, competing as a blind runner. She wasn’t alone though, as she had a guide and running partners from the Royston Runners, keep running and happy new year to you all

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  • Absolutely brilliant Moger, Well done to you.

    I agree, Louise is amazing. Puts all our little grumbles and niggles into perspective , for sure.

    Happy New Year xxx

  • thanks poppypug

  • Brill...well done you as ever, and wow that's really inspirational, and no disability should stop the opportunity to achieve...I hope she reached her own goal in the race....

  • A very special lady.

    Well done on the run moger. Brilliant result!

    My hubby used to live in St Ives and knows your area very well. Apparently Buntingford is a very pretty village.

    Happy New Year to you.

  • Well done Gary! Lovely pic of that amazing lady, I used to life guard sight impaired swimmers at Chesterton Sports Club, that's amazing too.

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