So? What's changed after 12 months???

After 800 kilometres -- I've lost a bit of weight - my running paces are much the same as they were 6 months ago - I don't really know that I am fitter than I was 6 months ago.

BUT - my running has become a habit - and I don't even think twice now about running distances up to 10 Klm. I think that my HR rates have dropped a little ( but that might just be giving up coffee?) - I can stand on one leg with perfect balance.

I am happy enough with that though


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15 Replies

  • That's a lot of kilometres, Bazza! Ten miles a week! But I'm a little upset at your statement that your pace hasn't increased. I was hoping mine would, and as I'm a year or two older than you, mine probably won't either. But I only graduated three weeks ago, so I may improve a bit.

    We've both done our general health a big favour by running, and we'll see the health of a large number of our contemporaries fail as we keep running. I've been to three funerals in the last 12 months of guys my age. Depressing, but it's a fact!

    Here's to 2015! I hope to clock up as many miles as you at least!

  • Hi John - I have no regrets that I started running 12 months ago - except for that I should have started a longer time ago. Unfortunately, being fit is not necessarily an indicator of longevity - but fitness does allow us to use what ever we have more easily and for longer !! :) I am very happy that I can stand on one leg - it helps me get my pants on without having to sit down (which many have to do! ) :) Re the pace- I think that I am actually slowing down - but that may have to do with the fact that I am tending to use a HRM during training runs whereas in the past, I simply ran by "feel" .

  • Sounds great Bazza, if role for long John silver comes're the man for the job! :-)

  • :-)

  • Pretty much mirrors my experience. If I were to ask myself the same question I think I'd say that what's changed is me. Fundamentally and for the better. Like you, I don't think twice about running and doing 10k is something that I just go and do on a Saturday morning. I may not be very fast, but I do enjoy it.

    Something you can be proud of I reckon!

  • AAh! -- but I forgot the accoutrements -- the 7 pairs of running shoes, the running belt complete with water bottles, the 6 pairs of technical shirts , the 4 pairs of running shorts- the various Apps and books!!! A new visor with headband sewn into it!! :)

  • Ha - a man after my own heart - I'm on my 4th pair of running shoes and I've only been at it 6 months :)) - Still it's important to get things right! _ have a brilliant new year :)

  • That sounds great :) Along with all the acoutrements ;)

  • interesting post bazza :D wish i could do the one leg trick :D for me I am getting there it is still a whole new world infront of me :D I know I am better than I was before and for now that is all i can be :D you are right about running being a habit and a blooming good one .

    maybe in a year I will look back and say the same about pace, we are all getting older at that point it will be pretty much 2 years beiing a non smoker by then but a fitter healthier and happier person that in its self is more than enough :D :D

  • You've achieved a lot in the last 12 months Bazza, one thing I would add is that you have connected with and made an impact on many people on this forum too :)

    Pace hasn't really improved much for me either, but that's alright in my book. I have read somewhere that the ability to stand on one leg is an indicator of something important in relation to health as we get older - unfortunately I can't exactly remember what, so it's probably not memory :)

    Keep running and keep posting Bazza and long may you enjoy running, standing on one leg and your accoutrements!

  • Re the "standing on one leg " thing.

    As we get older we lose muscle mass and strength - if(when) this happens in our legs , it contributes to older people "falling" . So - my running and other exercising is meant to achieve 4 things for me -- keep weight down, improve cardiovascular fitness, improve leg/core strength and improve balance.

    I hope some here did not take my original post to be somewhat "negative" - I didn't mean it to come out like that - more to be an honest appraisal of where I am at the end of the year after a year of "running". I hope to be doing this for a ,long time to come :)

  • ...a propos the standing on one leg... not being able to balance on one leg (eyes open) for 20 seconds is meant to be an indicator of risk for alzeheimers (though, being alive and over 50 probably is statistically just as significant!)

  • I can't stand on one leg with my eyes shut for even one second, but I think that's to do with whatever is going on in my ears... I can't ride a bike either and sometimes just lose my balance and stagger about... friends think I'm drunk...

  • Inspired by your posts and with a new GPS/HR monitor toy to play with I went out and tried to do an "Easy" run where I kept my HR down. Boy is that hard! I could barely manage more than walking pace without going over my limit. It was a very interesting experiment - and something I will start to build into my training regimes. Thank-you for the example and the inspiration.

    ...I'm still working on the perfect balance thing!

  • :)-- If nothing else, a gps and HRM are good toys to keep the running more intellectually interesting!! :)

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