Graduated! Merry Christmas to you all

Graduated! Merry Christmas to you all

Did it this morning at 9. Only saw a few people. Took Lily,my chocolate Labrador for the first time. She loved it and was such a good girl. The look of panic on her face when I started running was a picture. Think she thought I was leaving her. She just then ran at the side of me. My other lab still isn't fit after her cruciate repair :(

So chuffed. I've graduated. What a great Christmas present to myself. Have a fab day all.

Happy running to you all

Barbara xxx (and Lily)

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  • Wow, indeed a great pressie to yourself. Congratulations, great time too...enjoy your day xxx

  • Thank you curlygurly :)

  • Congratulations Barbara. Graduating in style in a fab time x

  • Thanks AM :)

  • Congratulations! Fab way to graduate. Amazing that Lily can just do it without the 9 weeks lead in time!

    Lots of lovely running adventures ahead for you both now.

  • Thanks ullyrunner. She loved it. She is super fit already due to her crazy days walking with me and all my clients dogs :)

  • super well done Barbara :D what a great day to do your graduation run :D enjoy how it feels :D :D

  • Thanks Rob :)

  • Well done babs. I've got 2 runs to go. But it's about this time you think, sh*t I have to do this 3 times a week from now on!!

    Merry bleeding Xmas. Xxxx

  • Thanks Meadsey. Not long for you now :)

  • That's amazing, congrats.

  • Thanks Zeidan :)

  • Congratulations! What a lovely Christmas prezzie :D xx

  • Thanks hilbean xx

  • Congratualtions to both you and Lily :-D a lovely christmas present :-)

    What are your plans now you have graduated?


  • Thanks B2r. I'm planning on doing a 5km during the week if I can and perhaps edging up to slightly longer at the weekends. I'd like to aim for a 10km eventually. We have a local one in our village which was started for the first time this year in the summer. Looking forward to running in the warmer weather fingers crossed :)

  • Fantastic. Well done Barbara (and Lily). Happy Christmas to you.

  • Thank you IP. Lily will definitely be coming again. Now my wish is for Lottie to be well enough to come too. She has had a rough few months and I felt terrible not taking her xx

  • Merry Christmas and congratulations!! That is so sweet your dog joined you! She must know you would never leave her. Maybe a Xmas treat for them both

  • And to you too Vixchile. They've both had some lovely presents for Christmas :) xx

  • Hey Barbara ! You did it Missus ! Many Congratulations to you ( and Lily) on your graduation :-)

    What a marvellous Christmas present to give yourself . Well done !

    It has been a pleasure following your progress and I hope you enjoy wherever your running takes you.

    All the very best to you xxx

  • Thanks poppypug....walking has been a bit of a pain since. Pulled my calf. Gutted as I wanted to go out today. Resting my poorly left leg (bloody hate my left leg) xx

  • Congratulations and what a great time and 5k as well, you must be very proud of yourself, a great Christmas present.

  • Thanks so much joggingalong :)

  • Very well done. Happy running !

  • Thank you henpen xx

  • Congratulations on your graduation ! Very well done ! x

  • Awwwww thanks Girlyswot :) I was fairly elated. Xx

  • Sorry, I've only just seen this. Many, many congratulations! What a lovely present to give yourself. I'd take that time for 5k right now too! Happy New Year :)

  • Thank you 5kOrBust :)

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