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Lacking imagination!

So I have just done W3R2. First three minutes quite hard second three minutes fine. I am struggling because I simply can not imagine running for 20 minutes! Then again three weeks ago I couldn't imagine running for three minutes.

Like the scene in finding memo when dory is singing 'just keep swimming, just keeping swimming' so my mantra has become ' just keep running, just keep running'!

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Well done for keeping it up so far!

I couldn't imagine myself running for 5 minutes, let alone 20, or 30, at the start of the programme. But yesterday I ran for 25 minutes without stopping. If I can do it, then *anyone* can!

As you say, having a little mantra helps, 'just keep running' is good :) I think 'just keep putting one foot in front of the other', that's all it is!

The first time that Laura said "you're going to run for 20 minutes without stopping" I remember thinking "What?!?! Already?!?! I'll never manage that!" But I did, and it felt great!

You CAN do it, and very soon you'll be back on here telling us how proud you feel because you did :)


I know it seems unlikely that the progress that you are making is sustailnable. Trust the programme and don't be to eager to step up the speed that you're running, Trust in Laura th talk you through. Today I've completed my first ever continuous run of 28 minutes ever !! and I'm 61 . Stay with it the rewards and satisfaction is great. Good LUCK


Very encouraged thank you both. X


You're only on Week 3, so don't worry about the 20 min run yet! That's the magic of this programme - the sense of achievement that you get when you do it - and you will - is incredible. As I was doing my 20 mins, and after I got home from it, I couldn't believe it was me doing it, but the programme prepares you for it, so your body just does it without you having to imagine it! Magic!


Have faith in the program as it works and works well, but also have faith in yourself, you can do it just like hundreds of runners before you. :)


Totally relate to the Dory mantra - I did the same! You can and WILL do it. The programme totally prepares you physically to do this, you will be surprised how great you feel afterwards! It is purely a mental challenge and you will overcome that too, we all did ;-)

Enjoy the runs ahead of you, don't worry about that one, it will take care of itself when the time is right. Then you'll really feel like a runner!


p.s. I found the 3 minute runs quite tough, puffing and panting and gasping for breath, I really couldn't imagine getting to 20 minutes either, let alone the end of the programme. It's a fab programme though, stick with it.


It is a fab programme and if you just follow Laura's advice she'll get you through. I'm 56 and I am graduating on Friday. Never run in my life but I am now thanks to this programme.

When I'm slowly plodding round I talk to myself "I'm doing it, I'm doing it" It makes me smile like a lunatic because I can hardly believe it what I'm doing. Slow but sure that's me.

You'll do it for sure. Just trust in the programme


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