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Morning all. Yep, I had a go at speed this morning. Now I'm not a morning runner but thought that I would have a go anyway. Not to cold here in sunny Norfolk but there was a bit of a breeze to remind me that I was out running in shorts.

This was my first go with this pod cast. And I will admit that I found it hard and not overly to my liking at first. I struggled with it and at half point I decided to switch it off and just finish my run at my own pace. So a bit of half and half.

Sitting down and thinking about it, I did enjoy it. And I will have another bite at the cherry next weekend after I do a couple more workouts with stamina to build me up.

So if anyone is worried that they don't fully finish a run, worry not. You will get it next time.

Keep running people. Zombies hate cardio trainers.

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I wouldn't call that not finishing a run, you just changed it a bit!


I don't think it is as easy as one thinks, but it is a great cardio vascular workout, I still use it 18 months after graduation, and if I have not done it for a while it is still hard. Don't put yourself down about how you found it. It means you will have a great sense of elation the first time you complete it,


erm that was a run :D in what ever form it was , so that is a plus :D keep at it :)


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