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Tad bit annoying

Went out tonight to do stamina and I was cutting around to the pod cast but found out my Samsung gear fit had decided to reset it's self. So I lost all the info of my run distance and what not.

I finished the run on the pod cast so at least that is something. I actually feel like I've worked hard tonight and will do this a lot more times. Funny but I do like the faster pace now. All for the better.

Feeling much stronger now. Even added a few inclines to my run just to punish my legs a little more and increase strength. That or maybe I like running up hills for the giggle.

Do in my rage I've purchased a garmin. Should be here by the start of next week.

Pics to follow of that

To the rest of you. Keep it up, you are almost through another week and fitter than you were yesterday.

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exciting about the Garmin, you need to think of a name for it. Well done on the run, sounds really good..and wise words too :)

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I shall name him Dave. Maybe Bob but i like Dave better.

I have had a few runs with stepping stones, got on really well with it and improved my distance over time with it, just fancied a slightly longer run and working on getting a little more speed up. As i said, i am starting to break into the runs a lot quicker and suffering with less fatigue in the legs through out the whole run.

The stamina run did make my legs ache, but that is how i know they are working a lot harder and in time the muscle will develop for the faster pace (i give it a week or two).

Going to have another week on stamina and i few more slopes (not that many in norfolk).


You did the Stamina podcast uphill? You deserve a medal!

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Aye that i did. I have until this point been avoiding any inclines as much as possible. But at some point i will have to deal with them. So better to get used to it and build up my legs and body to be able to cope with them.

Was a good work out for the old trunks :D


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