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I had a free pass for the gym tonight so decided to complete W9D2 if I could manage it... having not run since October! I did a santa run last week but I was with two friends who are faster than me so I couldn't complete it without walking.

However, while I know the treadmill is easier, I am pleased to have done W9D2 without having to stop and walk! It was tough, the side of my right foot was pretty painful by the end, but I'm so glad I managed to complete it! Just one run left...

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Congrats on completing W9D2...your almost a graduate. Don't beat yourself up about having to complete the Santa run by walking. The important thing is that you finished. Also, don't compare yourself to others. Run the run for yourself.

If you have been training solely on a treadmill, transitioning to running outdoors can take a while. I did all of mine on a treadmill and on my last C25k run, I did it outdoors and have not been back on the treadmill since, unless the weather is bad.

Even after graduating, I repeated the program to get used to running on tarmac/trail.

Happy running. :)


Hey thanks for the reply :) I do usually run outside, the dark nights are just putting me off! I'm going to try to get up early one morning this week to complete the program... I'm also looking at running events for next year to keep me going!


I think that's a good idea to begin looking. I actually had to sign up for one that is in March 2015 back in October because it gets filled quickly. My goal is to do one race every 4 to 6 weeks. :)


That's what I'm looking to do... this year i've done muddy races but running events seem to be a little cheaper and as running outside is free, it seems the right thing to do! Just have to get to a point that I actually enjoy it and get myself out in all weathers and conditions :)


That's where I needed to get to--the enjoyment part. I did once I stopped comparing myself to other runners and ran for myself and against myself. Now I can say, "Bollocks to those who pass me in a race." I actually began enjoying the race about 2 races ago and when I began doing that, my times started to improve. But, it's never been about the time, it's about having fun, meeting people, and helping a good cause. :)

Running is 90% mental and 10% physical and it's the most expensive free sport. :)


Love it ! :-D

Fab stuff Ginbin, good on ya xxx


Definitely about the taking part :) I've got about 5 races I'm looking to sign up for, not including the 10km Winter Run in London on Feb 1st!


Well done ! One more to go , keep going ! :-) xxx

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