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Wind surfing!!!!

I didn't get out running thise weekend as I visited my nieces to see their news little daughters. They are sisters and they gave birth 5 months apart.Ah it took me back!Anyway I digress.So too tired yesterday after all the travelling so HAD to go tonight.What weather!!!! Gales, rain, more GALES more rain!!!! I had decided to redo week 6 runs1.Hard hard work but so pleased firstly that I went out and secondly I completed the run..So go me lol!!!

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Well done :-) how lovely to have two new members of your family.

It certainly was blowing a gale! The rain was horizontal when I ran earlier today. My poor wee dog was NOT impressed! Xxx


Hehe.....I have visions of your poor little westie taking off on the end of the lead like a kite!!


We both nearly did at one point. Turned a corner and got an almighty gust of wind that took us a minute to recover from! :-P


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