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C25K+ Stamina

Tuesday I ran the C25K+ stepping stone. I mentioned that I was already naturally running at about 160bpm and that I found that with stepping stone I was having to reduce my cadence a t the beggining.

Maysie1 said that I should try C25K+ stamina, as it is between 160 and 168 bpm. So that's what I did this morning.

Well done Maysie1, that is just about right for the moment. I'll stick with that until I'm ready to move to a higher cadence, and then look for one of the fater audiofuel tracks.

Currently managing just over 6km in 39 minutes.

My plan is to increase my running time in 3 minute per week increments up to 1 hour, and then switch to working on pace.

An hour is the maximum that I can conveniently do before work. I'm hoping that I can get my maximum distance up to around 10km, then I will be able to comfortably run to work, which is about 8.5km.

Happy running everyone :)

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Glad you liked it!

I have now started to find the length of the podcast isnt quite long enough for my longer runs, so I just rewind the podcast a bit and then go again. It does get a bit dull listening to the same tracks over and over, but my cadence goes all over the place when I dont have the music on and I naturally run at around 145-150 without it which is actually much more tiring.

The Stamina podcast warms up at 158, then does 160 for the main run with a final burst at 165 by the way.


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