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Still going

Ahh, so having graduated from the programme earlier in the year I am still running. Away on my treadmill. Am running a coup,e of times a week and always 5k. Been concentrating on tip rhino to get my speed up a bit and time down. Today managed fastest yet at 36mins and 06 seconds. Hope at some point to get to 30 minutes as a regular time.

Did take it outside once, could barely move the following coup,e of days. Will,try again in the spring but in the meantime will do a bit more walking to get use to the ole pavement.

Congrats to the new graduates. It's a fab achievement and great motivator for keeping going.

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You are doing really well IMHO to keep going on the treadmill. I always ran outside but with dark nights and everything I've been on the treadmill last few runs. I've struggled! Maybe it depends what you get used to? I think I have struggled with getting obsessed about the display and how much time and distance and I miss the distraction of outside. Why transfer outside if you are happy running on the treadmill? Is there a local running club that might make it seem more novel the difference with running with other people. I usually run better with others


You are doing well to be keeping it up. I understand the difficulty of going outside after lots of time on the treadmill. I have been doing a mixture of treadmill and running round the block. I couldn't believe how far I went when I did a run round a lake. I'll be taking my bus pass with me next time. It looks as if your times are improving well.


That's brilliant that you're still running regularly and great times too! I did most of this programme on the treadmill and when I went outside found I had to slow right down. It is harder to keep your pace steady as the treadmill does it for you!

You could try intervals, or one of the other NHS podcasts like speed or stamina to vary it a bit on the treadmill. All the best and really well done for keeping going!


Would like to be able to try and greet use to outside as then it will maybe feel like I am definitely doing it. I don't know. 5k tonight 35 mins and 45 seconds


Still here and doing the treadmill. Going to get a pair of outside shoes this week and suitable attire to wear and am most definitely taking another shot of being outside. Really want to do another 5k race for life and maybe work towards a 10k for late August. They have to be done outside and maybe is the motivation I need to really get to grips with it. Will I need specific clothes do you think, I am planning on being outside in the park.



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