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Muscle soreness and supplements

Hey guys, does anyone have any tips to avoid muscle soreness? I last ran on Monday but even this morning my thigh muscles feel a bit sore. It normally feels worse first thing and wears off as the day goes on. I've been thinking of trying supplements but I'm not sure what best to take, especially as I'm still breastfeeding and I'm also asthmatic.

Any ideas?

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I am no expert but are you stretching after exercise? I found that as a beginner stretching made a big difference to the muscle aches.


I'm trying to but I'm probably not at much as I should!


I was the same on my last run Hoopla, it was my 5th run and worst run so far, my thighs were really sore the whole time and my legs felt like lead. I don't understand as they haven't been like that previously and I didn't do anything differently. They weren't sore the following day, just on the run. Any tips would be appreciated as well...sorry Hoopla, isn't really a tip, just empathising here!


You can expect to ache if you're new to exercise. As you get fitter the aches will disappear.

I take a daily Omega 3 fish oil capsule as I had such painful joints, particularly my big toe (ouch!) and I'm fine now.


I would recommend treating your post-run stretches as a religion. Wouldn't have said that 5 years ago but I can't get away without doing them now. Be kind to your muscles and look after them well!


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