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Sweatshop success

After a long debate with myself I finally took the plunge and went to sweatshop fir a running analysis. What finally swayed me was all the positive comments from a post I put on here. Now i'm not in the first flush of youth (menopause is closer than teenage years!) & not what you would call a toned up runner. Despite this the woman in the shop was great. I ended up getting a pair of trainers in last year's colour (who knew white was out of fashion?) & I got the insoles too. I've got a very high instep & I can use the insoles in other shoes. Been out running twice in the new trainers. I feel so much better - today my Nike+ app told me I had run my fastest mile!! So, if you're dithering about having a running analysis I say go for it!

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Thanks for posting about your positive experience. I might just stop dithering and go and get mine done now :)

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So glad you had a positive experience. Running shops like Sweatshop and Runandbecome etc. are so used to advising new runners and I suspect a large chunk of their income is from novice runners, so if anyone is feeling shy, please don't!

Running with badly fitting shoes is at best uncomfortable and at worst can cause injury. Just think about how many times your foot strikes the ground every run, how much bodyweight is behind it and then how this can impact e.g. ankles and knees if even slightly lopsided.

But I am preaching to the converted :)


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