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The Final Countdown - 10 runs left!

I beat back the lurgy this morning and went out and did run 2 of week 6. Yesterday afternoon I didn't think I'd manage to do it as felt a bit rough, but I didn't feel so bad this morning so thought I'd give it ago.

Took it quite steady for the first 10 minute run, so much so that I was quite surprised that when it came time to stop running and walk, there was no change in my pace, just a change in the motion of my legs.

That didn't seem right to me :) so for the next run I decided to up my pace a bit. Not a whole lot faster but definitely faster than my walking pace.

Well and truly on the homeward stretch of the plan now, just 10 runs left to do :D

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Oh well done Peter. You beat the odds and did it, even doing it a little faster! Brilliant. You're on the home stretch now.


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