Gel insoles?

Hi all. I've done my second run today (only on week 1) and my shins hurt a little when I run. I used to work in sports retail and we sold loads of Sorbathane insoles.....having never done any exercise I wondered if it's worth using them. I have good Adidas running shoes £60ish.

The last thing I want is for pain to put me off as I'm enjoying it so far.

Thanks for any advice

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  • I really recommend them. I suffered from shin splints after completing the program and since restarting (and having started using gel insoles) I've not had any problems :)

  • I've just discovered the joys of gel insoles after months on the injury couch with knee trouble. They're fab. My shoes cost about £100 but they're 10 times better now I've got the gel insoles in them. Get some, you won't regret it :)

  • Yep, I agree. Decent insoles to support your arches etc. really help.

    Mid-foot striking is also good. Heel striking can be bad, as can toe striking, though some people claim it does not matter. Mid-foot for me though :-)

  • Thanks lovely people. I've ordered a pair of the moulded Sorbathane full insoles that I used to sell so many of. Found a great price too as they can be very expensive. Will see if they help.

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